Tavernier Isn’t Sending Any Warning To Celtic. St Mirren Did That Already.

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Whatever James Tavernier thought he was doing today, he was not – as the papers want you to believe – warning Celtic.

Because we don’t need the warning, thank you very much.

Anyone who looks at the league table and sees the number of games left to play knows that this league isn’t won and never was.

Who says so? Our manager does.

This is another one of these press stories which seems to be the result of the media hearing something from Ibrox and believing that it contains a remarkable amount of insight. Team captain whose time has 31 matches still to play refuses to concede the race. Is that a story? For God’s sake, a story would be if he had thrown in the towel.

You know, the way his manager did with the “we can’t compete” stuff in Europe.

Sooner or later, we are going to deal this lot a deadly blow in this race.

There’s a certain amount of inevitability about that.

But this time last year we were the ones where they are right now and if anyone at Celtic had conceded Ange would have marched them right out the door. At the same time, anyone doing a victory lap before St Mirren would have got the same.

The fundamentals are going to matter here, particularly over this 13 game period we’re about to be catapulted into. And the fundamentals are that we have better players, a better coach and – and this is the critical one – the stronger squad.

The league race might very well be all but over by the time the World Cup starts.

But even then, nobody at Celtic will be claiming it … just as you’d think nobody at Ibrox will concede it. I am amazed that the press thinks that his comments are worthy of all this hype.

The idea that he’s warning Celtic or sending a message to us is preposterous … St Mirren sent that message perfectly clearly about 12 days ago. We know exactly what we have to do.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Tav’s rallying call is just a desperate attempt to inspire his team to get something out of their next game against Hearts, He knows they are vulnerable and that they need some sort of boost to help in their attempts to keep in touch with the Champions. The pressure is already on them, they are feeling it and they are going to struggle from now until May. We never stop!

    • Tony says:

      totally agree, they are running scared, 2-0 to the diets on Saturday and Sevco become the third team in Scotland with St Mirren breathing down their necks,,, happy days

  • Scud Missile says:

    It would have been better had the person interviewing him had asked about his klub bumping the fans for overcharging them on their kit.
    Lol CHISLING nope that doesn’t go on at ipox.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Unbeaten runs have to happen sometime, it’s happened, players will now be told to refocus.
    Taken pressure of Sevco over international break…time fir Ange to pile it back on.

  • Roonsa says:

    He’s just doing what a captain should be doing. What the papers turn it into is not really his concern, unless they misquote him of course.

    Tav is not being a dick. It’s the compliant MSM. As always.

  • Starman says:


  • SSMPM says:

    As captain he is indeed right to rally his troops but he knows he’s feeding the bear propaganda machine at the same time. Never hear a hun player or ex player asking the propaganda outlets to emphasise the so-called message he’s trying to get across as pro rankers and not misinterpret it for anti-Celtic purposes. Never hear them complain about that happening afterwards when it is been represented in that way. There’s a reason for that. This is not innocence or coincidence

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