The Media Wants To Focus On “What Went Wrong”, But The Weekend Belonged To Celtic.

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There are various ways in which a club is denied credit. In the past few weeks we have seen each and every one of them, and today we’ve reached the nadir of this coverage.

Today the focus in nearly every mainstream outlet is on what the visitors on Saturday did wrong rather than on the numerous things that this brilliant team of ours did right.

That is somewhat understandable; they and their audience are struggling to understand what they witnessed, and put it into a context that lets them carry on believing in their club.

But let’s not indulge them in that madness. This weekend was all about us. It was all about what we did right. It was all about how ruthless we’ve become.

Let’s put it this way; all the talk before the match was about how their manager had our system figured out. It’s not difficult to do because we play the same way every week, so it wasn’t a great shock that we approached the game as we did.

Almost all of the hacks who have written about this have concluded that the Ibrox management team and the players simply ignored what they knew and tried to approach the game as if we weren’t a front-foot all-attacking side.

Why is it a difficult leap for them to make to get to the truth?

It doesn’t matter if you can understand a team’s tactics … that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the raw materials to counter it. You can know the mechanics of how a hurricane works. Nobody has figured out how to prevent one yet. And that’s the real problem for them and the one they simply can’t seem to get their heads around.

They simply didn’t have the tools to prevent that from turning into a rout.

Celtic have better players in every position.

We have a better manager with a better plan. We have a system which might seem obvious and even a little simplistic, but then as I always say, a lot of things look easy from the outside, until you try them for yourself.

We make football look simple. The great teams do. I used to watch Barcelona pass the ball through world class midfields and defences and wonder why they weren’t good enough to prevent that. It almost looked as if there was magic being weaved.

But none of it was magic, of course.

What you had was a team that was exceptionally well drilled, organised and hungry. Every player knew when he should be moving off the ball and to where. Every player possessed a certain level of quick-thinking and intelligence.

We were just too damned fast for them. Too sharp. Too crisp in the passing and too full of movement. This is what the manager has instilled in this side.

I said after the Dundee Utd game that everything we were promised when Ange became manager was being delivered, and I was not in the least bit surprised that we had that result in us.

Our superiority has been obvious for a while … not just since the start of this season but towards the end of the last one too. We now look streets ahead of them.

The weekend was ours.

Even those critics who were talking the worst sort of nonsense a few weeks ago have had to admit that we simply blew them away on Saturday, but few seem to want to accept what it all means.

So they focus on what they could have done better without ever asking themselves if there was anything they could have done to stop us. Instead of presuming that the Ibrox club did everything wrong, what if they did everything right … and it did them no good at all?

I can see why they don’t want to think that way … but they might be forced to.

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  • Tony B says:

    They couldn’t have done anything better except maybe maim a few more Celtic players.

    Celtic is better than them in every respect, but like the deluderinos they are, they refuse to accept reality.

    They better get used to it now that UEFA are watching them and they won’t be able to spend money they don’t have.

    Peepul should know when they’re beaten.

    Vae victis.

  • Pan says:

    Nothing went wrong for them. Celtic were streets ahead of them and controlled the game completely. The score line flatters the zombies.

  • Jimmy R says:

    They were top dogs when Lenny’s world imploded. Since then we have sharpened immensely, improved phenomenally and speeded up tremendously. They, on the other hand, have stultified. Gone backwards. Gone further backwards. The best line I have read so far from a sevco fan site is:
    “We have replaced (Bassey & Balogun) two brick shithouses with two shit brickhouses.” I don’t think his fellow bears enjoyed his humour quite as much as I did.
    None of the Bhoys speed of thought, speed of movement or exquisite skill (Think Jota’s goal) is being acknowledged. According to them (fan sites and media) we only won because they failed: to turn up / strengthen in the window / pay attention to Gio / get stuck into us. (Take your pick. As ever they cannot quite agree.) Blue tinted specs have been replaced by eyeshades which prevent them seeing that they were played off the park by a team populated by better quality players in every position. The one surprise is that they are not blaming the ref who denied us a stonewall pen when it was only 1 – 0. Perhaps that’s because even they realise just quite how ridiculous that would be.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Their only chance against us is ” hit them hard hence greig being their greatest player ha ha Where ours it jinky! done them alot a good eh ??Its the orc way and sadly here in brigadoon Scotland they are enabled to by the orc or shitebag officials! But put simply we are on a different level ! They harp on to that euro run that no one ever mentions Dortmund in front of a basically ” empty ” ground which we know they love! Untiately they like their hoardrs are cowards ! As well as not being good enough! League done! Let make it another TREBLE and make our marc in Europe starring tomorrow! Enjoy fellow Tim’s!????

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    !! Not ?? Mark’s was meant.See the reason the orc media will go this way is that hoards of mordor are their client base and the poison cant be having THE FAMOUS WORLD LOVED ONLY GLOBAL CLUB CELTIC BEING MILES AHEAD!Iin this place Fact ! And has always been thus you think they be used to it by now but not tge orc mindset ! Try not to use the h@n word ( poor douglas henshaw) feeling the need to apologise! Tho it never sectarian but another thing that been hijacked to normalise the poison racist bigoted behaviour! ” nIl by mouth” you know why your movement started! From the 1995 despicable evil act,Dont dare compare our Great club with that poison but that’s brigadoon scotland

  • Scud Missile says:

    Today on FF they are demanding something is done about the sectarian and racist abuse aimed at the sevco players and fans on Saturday,imagine the Klan klub of all people and their support calling someone else out on sectarian and racist chanting.
    You couldn’t make it up.

    • Kingmurdy says:

      I love reading hun forums…1 guy accused the ref of being biased because he gave celtic the throw in against Kent for 1st goal.
      Another hun answered that WAS the correct decision..ball bounced off his knee.
      1st hun answered..”aye, I know that..but the ref couldn’t have seen he MUST be biased “….fukn magic..

  • Johnny Green says:

    Let them salve their wounds by thinking they made mistakes that can be rectified. Do we care what they think, do we need their respect, do we fk? let them wallow in their own pity until we play them again and then we will do exactly the same thing to them. I’m looking forward to that already.

  • John Copeland says:

    This is the same mob who think Kent is good at football ! Everybody has tippled he’s so one dimensional ,with the flip overs ,nobody is worried about him !Yet the blue tabloid brigade still say he’s the greatest thing since bubblegum ! Expect damage limitation from the party faithful over the coming days .

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Imagine if they had signed up to the Ange homecoming tournament.
    Going to OZ probably about 8 points behind in the league getting another skelping from Ange and the Bhoys, would be the final nail in Gios Coffin.

    Suppos I can wait till the new year, will be fun watching the Hunplosion.

  • ChicagoBhoy says:

    Genuine question: Who in their starting 11 would you choose over his Celtic counterpart? It seems an obvious answer, but perhaps I miss the forest.

  • Martin H. says:

    Watched them against p.s.v. Good result, but static, we are ahead of them in every department, the only thing to save them embarrassment last season, was Mcgregor.

  • Katana67 says:

    Dougie Henshall….another Celtic-Daft Hollywood Superstar….
    Apparently, he has a season-ticket seat…right next to Rod Stewart’s.

    With all these Celebrity Fans, perhaps we should have our own version of Hollywood Boulevard, where the Stars had their own plaques in the pavement, complete with impressed ‘hand-print’..
    On the Celtic Way….?

    Actually,two of Dougie’s acclaimed drama series can be viewed (for free!!!!), on the All4 app currently :-
    1/ “Psychos” (1999), where Dougie plays a Junior Doctor in a Glasgow Hospital, often seen running about in a Celtic Tap…..
    [CR Smith, since you ask…Ed ]

    2/ ‘Lipstick on My Collar’ (1993) by Dennis Potter…

    A drama set in London during the Suez Crisis(1956)…
    Where Dougie plays ‘Corporal Berry’, alongside Hibs Supporting Ewan McGregor

    Go on…..Get Dougie some more ‘Clicks’ !!!!

    [Looks like the Ragin’ Denizens on FF have already updated Dougie’s Wikipedia entry… ? Ed ]

  • Brian Cavanagh says:

    Love the hurricane anology James

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Somethin they’re overlookin tae. As things turned out, prob just as well for them kyogo was taken aff early, or it couldve been a lot worse.

  • Edward Murison says:

    We have more skillfully players in every position who have bags skill jota Kent comparison there is none Kent never ever have skills jota last 38 games prove that and moreles is no koygo lawerence no lambada mcglauling no hatrnits skill speed thi king everyone knosnthere job and gio is far form bin ange Davis no mcgregor hatate skill speed thot the vision all round awareness nd foresight gers look like team only way can stop us is cynical fouling team farmers playing with wellies on

  • Mark McMahon says:

    Should the Celtic fan base now appropriate “Simply the Best”.

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