The Media Was So Busy Slandering Celtic Fans It Ignored A Real Story This Weekend.

Image for The Media Was So Busy Slandering Celtic Fans It Ignored A Real Story This Weekend.

The headlines all screamed the same thing; Celtic fans behaving badly.

Those which weren’t doing that were singing songs of praise for the Ibrox supporters and their “tribute” to the dead monarch.

Somewhere in there was a story they never bothered to cover.

Tonight, that story broke wide open in a way that they could not ignore, when it was revealed that Police Scotland are looking into claims that Dundee Utd fans were showered with bottles and other objects during and after the game.

That story was trending on social media all the way through yesterday, but until Police Scotland’s announcement nobody in the press wanted to go near it.

The uniform picture of a solidly well behaved, impeccably staunch Ibrox support was to be defended at all costs because what a contrast that painted with the representation of other Scottish fans as delinquents merely because they dared to exercise free speech in a country which allows that.

Part of the problem here is that an entire week of media bile poured onto our fans for daring to break with the so-called “national mood” has fed into some notion that those who “uphold” that mood are free to do to the rest of us as they will.

From the moment a segment of the Dundee Utd fans made it clear that they would not take a knee and kiss the royal ring at the weekend Ibrox’ forums started to pour forth their hatred.

No wonder their fans thought that they should avenge the “national honour” with loutish behaviour.

But you tell me who the worst is?

Those who protest in song and with banners about the monarchy or those who think they have a right to defend it with violence?

In ignoring this story until they no longer could, sections of our media made it clear which side they were on.

Shame on them for that.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Nae real surprise there tbh. Media will always try and show the ibrox support in a better light than ours. They’ve ignored and cotinue tae ignore, the bigoted, poisonous vitriol and sheer bile, from their stands, on the subways, on social media sites, you name it. It’s only our support who’re shoved under their hypocritical spotlight. No surprised tae hear that whatsoever.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Is throwing bottles to defend their deid queen’s honour not allowed?

  • YYY says:

    Nothing to be seen here, Nazi salutes by a fair amount of there well behaved, clean cut support?

    • Martin H. says:

      Neither are acceptable, but hey most people on this site think what the green brigade are doing is OK it creates nothing but negativity how do think our players felt on Sunday coming out to all they hatred, considering the majority of players on the pitch, were not brought up in a sectarian Scotland.

  • Tony B says:

    They respectfully and reverently threw bottles, respectfully and reverently blasphemed the head of the Catholic church, respectfully and reverently urged an ethnic group in Scotland to go home and respectfully and reverently wished to be up to their knees in the blood of the same ethnic group.

    If this were any other ethnic group there would be justifiable condemnation and outrage from the Scottish media, and action from Police Scotland but because it is Irish people it is ignored and therefore enabled by all of them.

    If these hypocrites, like Jackson from the Record and the collection of ex Ibrox EBT tax dodgers at the BBC highlighted this weekly occurrence in the same way they do any negative Celtic stories, then the real problems in Scottish football would begin to be resolved. It has happened with cricket, but then no Irish were involved in that particular scandal.

    The Scottish media stand accused of being a large part of the problem, rather than being a part of the solution.

    Hypocrites and racist enablers the lot of them.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The press will still spin a positive on this and say the sevco fans had been provoked.

  • Sammy Mallin says:

    Not surprised after the behaviour towards the Napoli players during the week . They seem to pick there victims in an organised way , getting back to there old hateful ways that have never gone away in the first place.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Who organizes the refreshments,everywhere u go its plastic,HEALTH AND SAFETY SCOTLAND,SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN THE INVESTIGATION,ANYONE?????????

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Your so right these poisonous good for nothing red necks will now feel that can attack anyone in green male or female! They do it anyway as police Scotland know all to well! But now they will feel validated!! A joke this media praise that poison knowing only to well what they are and how bigoted , racist and perma raging most of them are!! They get a pass from their enablers here and always have hence they behave how they do! And actually feel it’s fine! Like that idiot that tried to come on when big CV scored ! The bottles thrown that day from every corner!! And there was no condemnation! Why? Cause these enablers are them also!! The orc MSM and here will have blood on their hands disgusting!!

  • SSMPM says:

    If they’re continually allowed to behave like that, on almost every occasion, then it’s what they’ll continue to do. Sometimes they even get the police marching on parade with them Corrupt fascist country

    • Derek Duncan says:

      Sevco filth getting away with everything, still waiting on arrests for the glass on the park at their midden ,our club stand back and do f all !!@@

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        @ Derek Duncan. Exactly. That’s another thing that pisses me aff, is our boards reluctance tae confront these issues. Should show some balls and challenge these actions, demand somethin is done. Our keeper or one of our players, even one of their own players ffs, couldve been injured wi that. Makes ye wonder wtf’s goin on wi them.

  • Dando says:

    It wiz Chelsea fans !!!!!!!


  • Gerrard Duffin says:


  • Katana67 says:

    The Orc Hordes gave a lusty rendition of the ‘Famine Song”, early in the first half.
    How was that ever permitted, under the Offensive Behaviour (Football) Act..?

    However, the Notorious Juvenile Delinquents of [The Green Brigade], let us down again,
    With Maximum Worldwide Publicity, with their kindergarten tiffos…

    They are harming the reputation of Bro.Walfrid’s Celtic ,on an incremental basis…

    Perhaps we should try to ‘Keep Politics Out of Football ???

    • Sophie Johnstone says:

      That I assume will include the politics of numerous applauses or silences for an unelected monarchy

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Now that clown souness out saying g ” they are unacceptable part of scotish footballl” and asks why we are silent well let’s show him who the acceptable really is! Tho he knows alright! A poisonous club he knows about all to well where he and many others had to beg not to riot in Seville as he knows they are vile sectarian bigots that pathetic club is built on it!! This a club that had an apartheid signing policy as he well knows!! Men ,woman and childern belt out being ” up to their knees in our blood”!! The whole stadium sings this tho only in Scotland!! Poor souls not allowed to anywhere else!! What that tell you about this place! A club that stole tens of millions in tax payers money and national insurance! A fanbase steeped in hatred and facisim and racism that has rioted everywhere!! And we are the unacceptable!! Aye right you clown!! We are a club born out of charity, unity, solidarity and love!! Loved everywhere! So yes Celtic make a statement about this chancing bassa!! See what happens when you normalise their hate filled behaviour!! The cheek this tit!

  • James mccann says:

    Sousness had to end his marriage because off his time with sevco because his wife wasn’t to happy with their sectarian bile

  • Stuart says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Freedom of speech is under attack, if other people want to mourn that’s their business, but people should have the right to voice their opinions. Unfortunately that’s no longer allowed, this country is heading in a very dangerous direction. If I was 30 years younger, I’d emigrate to somewhere more sensible.

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