The Only Folk Surprised Ange Would Turn Down Brighton Are Those Who Invented The Story.

Image for The Only Folk Surprised Ange Would Turn Down Brighton Are Those Who Invented The Story.

So the least unexpected news of the weekend came tonight when The Telegraph firmly knocked on the head any suggestion that Ange would be “tempted” in any way by the idea of moving to England to take on the role at mighty Brighton.

This has been greeted with some surprise in several quarters, and at least one Ibrox forum can now retire its thread on the subject which today went over a dozen pages and 600 replies. They, too, are surprised although they’re now framing it as “why would Brighton want him?” after days of telling us that the job was a good fit for him.

The only people genuinely surprised are those fantasists in and outside the press who thought that this would ever be a goer in the first place. As I’ve said, Celtic is so unconcerned about the prospect of Ange fancying a move elsewhere that he’s still on a rolling contract. The man is committed to this job. He has said so. He has made it clear.

Now, tonight, the hacks are backtracking and Sevco fans who had their fingers crossed have to cross them for something else. Avoiding a doing on Wednesday night might be a way to go, although they were also hoping to avoid playing Napoli all together.

Ange will, inevitably, draw attention. He’s too good a manager not to. And whilst that man owes us nothing in terms of ultimate loyalty, for some people there are more important things than chasing the money and managing in the “best league in the world.”

That man has found acceptance and adulation here. In that league down there every manager is treated as an expendable asset. Wait and see what happens to Rodgers before this year is out. Wait and see what happens to Gerrard.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Ange, ANGE, Am Nay Goin Enywhere – excuse the poetic license – let the press have their little dreams of Celtic in turmoil as Ange heads of into the distance stories. We know that all is well in Lennoxtown and Parkhead. The Nappy Napoli bed wetting Sevconians are where the story lies.

  • MarkE says:

    This was ‘their’ best effort at trying to unsettle Celtic while at the same time defelecting from their own troubles.

    Job done; they bought themselves some breathing space and their manager & team some time!

    Are the English still under the impression that their league is the best in the world!? …that title still lies firmly with the Spanish, no matter how much money and press attention the EPL marketing team throw at trying to claim otherwise

  • Frankie says:

    The way Ange has been speaking about the club the fans you new it is in his heart, it is about time the Celtic directors made him an offer to show how they also feel about him, as for five candidates lying in wait who in their right mind would do that.

  • SSMPM says:

    Brighton don’t play in Spain so how could Ange have moved to ‘the best league in the world’

  • Davy C 56 says:

    But it is GREENER on PARADISE.
    ………….C O Y B I G……..
    And ANGE Knows It.

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