The Sky Deal Passes As The Governing Bodies Slap Down Ibrox’ Pettiness And Spite.

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Tonight the SPFL has agreed its new deal with Sky.

That deal has been signed in the face of Ibrox’s open opposition and petty obstructionism.

Not only did the deal itself pass, but a resolution by-passing Ibrox’s malicious behaviour was necessary to get it over the line. Both motions got the necessary backing. This nasty chapter is over with.

The deal itself you can debate all day. Did the SPFL need to sign it right now?

Probably not.

But now that certain aspects of it have been better explained it looks a lot more robust than it did. Most fans are right to be sceptical, but the people who run the clubs had the full details in front of them and almost every side in the league wanted to accept it.

That should tell you something. The one club which set itself against the deal didn’t do it out of commercial considerations but more nefarious ones. Knowing that they would probably lose the vote they simply decided not to respond at all, which put up a barrier which the SPFL had to propose a special resolution to get around.

It is a childish piece of opposition and sabotage which had an even more juvenile intent; they weren’t asking for changes to the deal itself, they were asking for an SPFL apology for what they regard as prior mistreatment. For such infantile purposes did they threaten the whole agreement. It is fitting that the SPFL acted to bypass this lamentable behaviour.

So when you consider that those who judged the deal on its relative merits chose to endorse it, whilst the one club which didn’t want to see it go through opposed it out of nothing more than immature spite you have to conclude that with the information in front of them they made what they believe to be the best call.

This might not, in the end, be the right deal but it was the best one available right now, the only one actually on the table, and the clubs voted overwhelmingly in favour of it based on the facts they had to hand. So right deal or not, it’s been done for the right reasons, on the basis of data and a proper market analysis.

Which is more than the opposition offered.

So whilst questions remain, the simple truth is that you have to trust the people at the clubs and how they’ve come to this decision.

It’s also readily apparent that the initial coverage of this, which was heavily slanted against the agreement, was the result of a leak and a leak that was heavily spun to put this in the worst possible light.

I’ll get to that point next. It’s an important one.

In the meantime, this gives clubs certainty for the short to medium term and I can understand why they voted in favour of it. Other options may present themselves as the deal gets nearer to its end, but for today a deal has been struck which most clubs seem happy with.

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  • Starman says:

    The FILTH want the Knuckodraggin SCUM that Follow Follow them tae spend their DWP Money on SEVCO TV!! That way even after getting FUKED they can come up wae aw sorts ae PISH as tae why they wiz CHEATED coz they arra Peepul BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!! FUK THEM.. VAR WILL FUKIN KILL THEM BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    • Roonsa says:

      I think you need to take a chill pill, mate

      • Starman says:

        U talkin tae me Bint? The day I listen tae whit sum burd has tae say about Fitbaw Al Fukin chuck it! Maybe u cd go fur a job on CH4 wae aw the other Fukin Bint clowns, mind wear ur heels BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

        • Roonsa says:

          Somebody please put this idiot out its misery.

          • Starman says:

            Idiot ya Fukin CLOWN who says Clubs Budget for sky deals 2 yrs in advance lol! What the Fuk do u kno about setting Budgets or indeed Fitbaw! You have NEVER Kicked a Fukin baw in ur life BINT, Stick tae washing dishes BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • MarkE says:

    Until we build a strong league structure that viewers want to watch, we’ll keep getting the short end of the stick from tv deals.

    On another note, looks like thats another Celtic player injured on international duty; Haksabanovic pulled up in the Montenegro v Finland game holding his foot

  • Davy says:

    The people running Scottish football are an embarrassment, 150m over 5 years, with the potential for an additional 8m a season if SKY take up the option of 20 extra games a season. The current deal still has 2 years to run what is the rush to sign an extension?
    30m is chump change, why weren’t the rights put out to tender?
    To put the deal into context the teams relegated from the English PL this season will receive a minimum of 312m between them………

    • Roonsa says:

      The rush was it was the only deal on the table mate. Club accountants need to do all that forecasting malarkey to set budgets for the next fiscal year. This time next year would be too late to do that if there was no deal the table.

      At the end of the day, outside of Celtic and Der Untermensch, what appeal does Scottish football have to a wider audience? I am not a big fan of the EPL but people pay to watch Leeds v Southampton on a Sunday afternoon. Christ knows why but who am I to question demand

      • Starman says:

        You talk wan load ae SHITE!! No one pays to watch Leeds v Southampton, these games are scheduled by Sky. It would not be inconceivable however that perhaps Leeds or Southampton fans tune in lol!! Honestly stick tae hoovering or whitever else ur good it.. Fukin CLUELESS!!

  • Johnny Green says:

    A victory for common sense and a defeat for the sons of satan.

    Alls well that ends well.

    • Roonsa says:

      I actually think the huns had a point JG. I am fairly sure, however, that there was sub-text as has been pointed out in this article. The huns got an apology out the compliant Beeb. They want one from the SPFL too along with Doncaster’s head. But they did have a point nonetheless.

  • Scud Missile says:

    All this huff and bluff from the klan klub at ibrox almost bringing the TV deal down with Sky,and yet Sky will still lick the arse of the klub that almost collapsed the deal.

  • Geoff says:

    Ridiculous deal when you consider that clubs promoted from the championship get £100-120m each and the SPFL deal is £150m split between all clubs in Scotland over FIVE years.

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