The SPFL Posts Record Income As Ibrox Wails About The Fantasy Path Not Taken.

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Today the SPFL is boasting about record profits, and in the week where they’ve just extended the Sky deal and brought a bunch more money to the table they are entitled to.

And yet from elsewhere, from the one club which refused to go along, there is more whinging than ever before.

They have put forward their own alternative deal, but of course it doesn’t stand up to the least scrutiny. Which is presumably why the hacks haven’t given it any, they’ve simply reported it as James Bisgrove has put it to them.

It is a weird media environment we have here, where people are just allowed to continuously talk nonsense without ever being called on it. Yesterday, Doncaster said that other options had been explored – he even named some of the firms the SFPL reached out to – and that Sky’s deal was still the best on offer.

Bisgrove named those same companies as people the governing body should have spoken to.

Presumably he knows they did.

So this wasn’t nonsense as much as it was disinformation.

He also questioned why the SPFL didn’t just put the thing out to tendering; presumably he also knows that this is impossible whilst the contract still has years left to run.

Besides, he introduced that option to his own club when it came to the last shirt manufacturing deal. We all know how that turned out; half of Celtic’s earnings and a whole lot of issues about quality and quality control.

Why should the game be listening to him?

Well, 41 other clubs preferred Neil Doncaster’s pitch, and this is a guy who is widely derided as being just about useless. Yet he came up with a comprehensive package. Ibrox just sulked in the corner and refused to participate in a vote they knew they’d lost.

Today the press is running with his “five alternatives” suggestion, all stuff covered yesterday by Doncaster, all rejected out of hand.

It would be like a guy who has just got divorced going round the pub pointing at supermodels in a glossy magazine and saying “these are the people I could have married instead.”

It is loony-tunes stuff, fit only for the Hidden Hills Debating Society.

And nobody stopped to ask this guy the most important question, presumably because it would have blown their false narrative to bits; did the club tell the governing body it would sign the deal if they got an apology and cold hard cash?

In any other media environment this lot would be getting excoriated for their stance here.

Not one other club in the country – not one – agrees with them.

Yet the SPFL are the ones many in the media believe are in the wrong. I’ll be writing about one particular halfwit a little later on.

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  • John Copeland says:

    A weird media did you say ? Well, Mark Pirie of the Record ,(I know ,I know ) ,typed up that the Rangers financial wizard , James Bisgrove had come up with intelligent alternatives to the Sky deal ! God almighty ! Are our MSM not the biggest lot of bunker nuts going ,with few exceptions .

  • Peterbrady says:

    Sevco must be hit with heavy penalties finances or points deduction for bringing the game into total disrepute with all there lies and obstructive denial of the truth with there compliant lapdogs in the media every fan of every club tells them no more or all DDS cancelled no more spending on merchandise season tickets nothing. if sevco continue on this path kick them out the league kick them out of SFA kick them out of Scotland and take all there zombies with them

  • James McAllister says:

    Great writing as usual just a pity they don’t get it but what’s New over there

  • SSMPM says:

    They’re pretty much all lodged up, that’s why they get and keep their jobs.
    In spite of the real and obvious fact that readership and sales are down to a survival lie, they must now continually promote this hunnery or they’ll go to the wall. As the ebox factions widen as a result of being overtly and utterly shite, one major criticism of them and their club’s foot-soldiers will order a boycott and its RIP

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