Aberdeen Should Be On The Alert. An SFA VAR Screwing Is Coming Their Way.

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The scandalous penalty decision at Tynecastle has not only gone unexplained, but the two men responsible for it – Walsh and McLean – have been rewarded for it by getting the next game at Ibrox, the one against Aberdeen.

Talk about foxes getting control of the chicken coop.

Aberdeen should be raising Hell behind the scenes.

This time Walsh will be behind the camera and McLean will be on the pitch.

Not that this changes much, as both are equally bad. But this is what we’re dealing with.

Aberdeen are going to royally screwed in that game. Nothing is surer.

Whether you accept that there are serious questions about the neutrality of these guys or not – even if you think the idea is screwy – it is plainly ridiculous to hand this pairing such a high profile game when they have been jointly responsible for such an appalling error.

It is nothing short of rewarding incompetence.

It may be rewarding something much worse.

Nothing could demonstrate the SFA’s contempt for clubs more than this.

Aberdeen already knew they would be up against it.

If they don’t raise their concerns before the game they will certainly not be able to do it afterwards. Ange has made our feelings clear and this is the SFA response. Moaning after the fact is pointless.

You can see a mile away how this one is going to go. There have to be people at that club who recognise what’s happening here. With the Ibrox club reeling it’s Operation: Save The Season in full swing.

If they aren’t fully aware of that they deserve what they get.

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  • harold shand says:

    They’re are going to get a penalty with a hand ball similar to the one we didn’t get on Saturday

    And for the next few days Kenny Miller will be on every media show defending the decision

    It’ll be interesting to see if Willie Collum gets a shot in the VAR hut for one of their games

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Yep that idiot miller said on sunday bbc show ” yes I was told by a referee that hand ball on saturday wasnt a penalty ” no explanation! So no worries clown shoe that’s that then! Not! This much like the sky ref ” in Scotland they apply the rules on this different”! Ehhhh what?! The rules are the rules or is this the ” against Celtic ” metric! What a f$$king joke of a bigoted wee place this is! Call this out Celtic once and for all! For Gods sake!

  • Chris says:

    Still silence from our board on this.
    Nothing will change if our board continue to sit at the back of the bus.

  • Jota Johnstone says:

    Role reversal this wk with wee Nick giving advice to Stevie ‘I never seen it’ McLean! Nothing surer than a Mogadons sending off & at least 2 pens for the Tribute Act after Napoli take 10 off them Wed Night!!

  • Hugh says:

    If there is a Ref. watching a screen he or she should not be advising the match Ref. to have another look or not at any incident on the field of play. The match ref. should call it if unsure, with the other ref only either switching the thing on or off. A young Ref on the field being advised from afar by a more senior colleage, can be swayed to change a call just because of the more senior opinion. You could not find a better way to introduce corruption.

  • Gerald Toal says:

    Only in Scotland would this shite happen

  • Katana67 says:

    ” An’ Jim Goodwin will be exiled to the stand for the Sevco Flegg-Sheggers gemme…

    [ Best East Befast Accent….?! …..Ed ]

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    This affiliation and team they support has to be called out! Its madness there is a term known as unconscious bias which was spoke of in american sports over 20 years ago!! England dont allow it ! But sadly here no hun refs! Then no refs at all! Dallas saw to that ! Used to see him 20 years back at esporta gym in Hamilton with all his wee followers was pathetic! You wouldnt allow an Italian ref say to officiate and Italy v Germany game for instance ! And for me club loyalty is way stronger than that!! If nothing else ask the question and bring in this criteria plus there was no need to use any these officials for VAR either

  • Michael mcaulay Conway says:

    VAR is going to show how corrupt scottish football is but don’t wait on any dialogue from the referees or them controlling VAR to explain there disgraceful decisions

  • Scud Missile says:

    Once again Big BENNY in charge on the field of play and Miss Diane working the VAR machine what could possibly go wrong.

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