Celtic’s Win Today Has Put Van Bronckhorst Under Deadly Pressure Tomorrow.

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Tomorrow I’ll publish a post on the mounting crisis at Ibrox, the one the media doesn’t want to talk about. I’ll do it after their game, because it really doesn’t make any difference what the result in that game is. The piece is already done. It’s being held back for one reason only; Van Bronckhorst may not be the Ibrox manager this time tomorrow night.

On balance I think his sacking is unlikely, but it’s not impossible and as my mate pointed out today when the conversation is being had – and it is most definitely being had, with senior journalists like Chris Jack openly discussing it, and Jeff Sterling taking the opportunity to needle Kris Boyd with the prospect today – then the writing is already on the wall.

Few managers survive this sort of feeding frenzy, and Van Bronckhorst was on the brink last season. Only the European run and his perceived genius, kept that conversation from being had in full then, although you had idiots like Keevins who at one stage was predicting that he would sweep aside everything in his path. The fans over there knew better.

As I’ve written before on this site, in the context of sackings, empires fall. Van Bronckhorst’s hasn’t been a particularly successful one or a particularly good one, but still it’s shocking that it appears to be so near the end that a bad result tomorrow could tip him over the edge.

He was brought to Ibrox to work a shoestring budget – most people in their support continue to live in denial about that. During his time in Holland he cleared out expensive players and brought in cheaper replacements. It worked there, for a time, and he won a title. But he got four years there. Ibrox fans are not going to wait that long.

Tomorrow I expect them to win, but if they don’t the drumbeat for his head will be heard in every corner of Ibrox. The scattered talk will become a serious discussion and it will be being had in the one place he can’t afford it; the boardroom.

Today Celtic stuck six past Hibs and look as if we’ve re-found the magic touch. We’ve opened that gap at the top back up to five. He knows, and his team knows, that they cannot afford a slip. There is no more room for error, not with his jacket on a shoogly peg as it is. Their season might not collapse with a negative score-line, but the remaining faith in his regime will.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I kinda want them to win tomorrow so that false hope is restored one last time. It’s like shagging a cracking looking burd who is crap in the sack. The anticipation is always better than the climactic event.

  • harold shand says:

    Motherwell get a red card or they get a penalty or probably both

    • Nick66 says:

      It’s the last week of Refs r us, and the new beginning of VAR. Refs r us will have to tread carefully now. But, and the but is big, who police’s the police, IE, who Refs the Refs. They can still break play, but the offside flag stays down til move completed, that helps us more than flavours them. But on the whole VAR is open to the same interpretation that exists now. So, penalty Sevco will still remain.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    If that game goes in 0:0 at half time the tension will be palpable is an understatement

    • Bennybhoy57 says:

      Agree 0 .0 half time and they will bottle it, but that’s highly unlikely, given our brilliant results today.
      Penalty tav and motherwell sending off par for the course.
      Thankfully it won’t matter as Celtic without doubt are the best team in Scotland, and come may will win the league at a canter.

    • Martin says:

      Not a chance will it be allowed to be 0 0 at half time. Watch for a penalty within the first half hour just in case. Motherwell red early 2nd half to quash any comeback.

  • Allan Loveman says:

    Dubios free kick leading to goal …Motherwell equalise,….74th min Kent dives to win pen ..hold on for 2 1 win ….courtesy of the ludge ..

  • Johnny Green says:

    I expect Motherwell to win 2-1. the shell shocked huns are there for the taking.

  • Thomas adams says:

    Nothing to do with the motherwell result ,gio is a gonner .

  • Bob (original) says:

    Makes sense for the rooked Blue Room to try and keep Gio in place until January.

    If he keeps within touching distance of CFC in the league, then he”ll be safe.

    Otherwise, punt him in January – then have his replacement comfirmed just after the transfer window has slammed shut, so no player budget required.

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