BBC Scotland’s Slate Of Guests Is An Ex-Ibrox Who’s Who Of Utter Mediocrity.

Image for BBC Scotland’s Slate Of Guests Is An Ex-Ibrox Who’s Who Of Utter Mediocrity.

Every time I watch BBC Scotland’s sports round-up now I visibly wince.

The standard continues to plummet. With every week that passes it becomes clearer that the only “qualification” one needs to have a chance at a seat on their sofa is having played for Ibrox.

Sunday’s show, following that day’s fixtures, had Kenny Miller and Neil McCann sitting on it.

Miller was there the night before, trying to give an unbiased view on the Celtic game. He and McCann together just takes the piss out of the audience. I cannot remember the last time a former Celtic player sat on that sofa. But plenty of Ibrox arses have.

It is a matter of time before we have to endure Charlie Adam. We’ve already had to sit through Alan Hutton and Ricky Foster, two of the stupidest people ever to play the game. Miller now seems to be a permanent feature there. The co-anchor, is of course, Steven Thompson.

And where is Michael Stewart? At least you got some spark of intelligence when those two were on the show, some good back and forth.

I wouldn’t be surprised to be sitting here, in a year’s time, appalled at the sight of Kyle Lafferty on that sofa, branching out into his next career move.

The BBC is the national broadcaster. It is not some crap local radio station which can put whoever it wants on the airwaves. The “quality” of any panel which includes the likes of Alex Rae is virtually non-existent. One which boasts that it employs Hugh Keevins has no credibility either. The BBC is supposed to reflect the country … in Scotland it does not.

I wrote last week about how the BBC has refused a Freedom of Information request relating to whether or not it pays Ibrox the £20,000 “official media partner” fee and their grovelling love-letter to the Ibrox club earlier in the campaign was enough to make a goat sick.

There are serious questions as to their impartiality.

Their radio show anchor, Kenny McIntyre, so completely wears his bias on his sleeve that it’s now evolved into a running joke between him and Graham Speirs. When taken in context it’s not in the least bit funny.

Ange has already sussed the BBC out as not to be trusted.

That should worry their higher-ups more than any petty little squabble with Ibrox ever did.

It doesn’t appear to.

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  • Magua says:

    I would not imagine that there are any questions to be asked, re the impartiality of BBC Scotland. They’re biased Hun bassas…end of story.

    Hail Hail.

  • larsson7 says:

    Nepotism of the highest order.
    Question,has Kenny Misser got a home…..

  • Scud Missile says:

    I wouldn’t bother my arse with that SHITE,be that the programme itself or the manky dopey Jeremy Hunts employed there.

  • john mc guire says:

    who is in charge of all they exhuns paying back all the money they owed for taken e-bts because in my eyes who ever it is isent doing a very good job anybody else would be hunted every time they got a bit of cash or a wage and would have been told to pay up or else ,as i dont think they are working for nothing !!!! .

  • Klaatubhoy says:

    Eh,, Miller played for Celtic too.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    I personally don’t watch this programme anymore for the above reasons, and it’s very boring and predictable.

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