BBC Sport Scotland Shows Its Bias Again As Foster Does His PR Bit For The Ibrox Club.

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BBC Scotland’s sports shows are fast becoming unwatchable, and tonight’s is no exception based on what’s in the papers. Ricky Foster has suggested that Aberdeen were beaten heavily today because they went to Ibrox boasting about having no fear.

Foster played for Aberdeen. But he also played for the Ibrox club and that’s where his loyalty lies. His suggestion that teams going to Ibrox should first shut up and then shut up shop renders the idea of them even turning up moot. Because that’s the path to getting beat.

Aberdeen certainly did talk big before the match.

But the stats are damning.

They managed barely any shots on target and spent much of the game in their own half. For a team that was allegedly going to go there and play without fear, they certainly looked like a side that was pissing in its own pants.

That’s where I do agree with Foster to an extent.

If you’re going to talk the talk you better walk the way, and Goodwin’s side today was appalling and toothless and came nowhere near what he promised.

“Be confident, tell your players that you’re confident and the players will feel it themselves, but keep it in the dressing room,” Foster said. Lest you upset the mighty Ibrox players. What a joke. “When (they’re) on form, (they) are formidable opponents. So just go there saying that’s what you’re expecting. Then afterwards, say that we went into the game quite confident.”

Have they been “formidable” recently? No, so it was good to hear Goodwin talk before the game about how they would play without fear. It’s a shame he’s a sub-par manager, hired cheaply, taking the club nowhere, or they might have lived up to some of it.

But Foster continues to be one of the worst pundits on the telly. He’s an absolute eejit, and although I accept that there are worse out there – Charlie Adam is a certainty to wind up on that sofa, you can take that to the bank – he has the only qualification that anyone needs to get a gig; his Ibrox playing career. That seems to cover a multitude of sins.

The BBC will claim that because he played for both clubs that he’s not biased. That will be their excuse for putting Kenny Miller in our studio tomorrow; how can a guy who played for us be pro-Ibrox?

Except he is and everyone knows that he is.

That show has become unbearably pro-Ibrox.

But that’s what happens you fill your organisation with so many individuals with connections to a single organisation. The writing was on the wall when they submitted that grovelling public apology.

Even those who thought they had credibility and objectivity before it certainly knew they had none the minute that thing was in the public domain.

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  • John Copeland says:

    The BBC had 5 dudes covering the Aberdeen v the Rangers game for radio today ! Liam Mcleod ,Willie and Kenny Miller Martin Down and Rory Law . Maybe they were comparing notes for incredible match reports or maybe they were feeling lonely . It’s comforting to know where a huge chunk of our licence fee goes to every week for the Beeb’s pet project . Oh sorry ,nearly forgot .They had Kenny McIntyre and Leanne Crichton in the studio waxing lyrical about how fabulous the world is when the Rangers are winning .

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Aberdeen looked appalling and I’m afraid they made some of the Ibrox players look like superstars. Our player Liam Scales isn’t looking too good on the left of a back three.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Listened in briefly, when there were about 15 mins to go in that game and was wishin ah hadn’t. Leanne Crichton and the other yin Rory whatever his name is, utterly gushin over the ibrox side. Both didnae even realize they were almost shoutin wi excitement. Be interestin tae hear the tone, if and when it’s us that’s spankin their favourites. Will definitely tune in for that.

  • Redmond says:

    Our football is treated with utter contempt by a BBC so enamoured with the EPL myth. It is not helped by the absolute sh*t standard of broadcasting, not even second rate, biased beyond belief and worse than that, the hiring of guys who can’t even string a sentence together and who’s only justification for appearing is being a Hun. The BBC don’t do self awareness though, nothing to see here Timmy…

  • John Carlin says:

    Yes almost every pundit a former Rangers player or supporter still enjoyed it last season listening to them crying in their beer because of Celtics unexpected success maybe just maybe this season will be similar

  • Aodhain says:

    I just don’t watch any bbc coverage of anything that requires a competent level of impartiality…shame on them

  • Mik Duran says:

    I’ve being saying it for years!
    And it’s got worse since BBC Scotland and RFC kissed and made up.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    James, Ive stopped watching BBC RANGERS SPORTSCENE/SOUND, for a while, and may I say, it’s not a criminal offence to be without a licence.

  • Jackson says:

    BBC so called Sportscene is a totally biased
    program …. an embarrassing organization with
    all the people from one side on TV and radio ,
    That groveling apology says it all about them.
    They will all be .. pardon the pun “praying” we slip up today.. we won’t…
    As an aside please bin that terrible grey strip Celtic

  • Dinger says:

    BBC the billy boys club

  • Michael McCann says:

    I have said before bombard the BBC with complaints of bias, remember we all pay our licence fee, we all have a right to balance

  • SSMPM says:

    There’s a connection to a single organisation alright; the lodge

  • Scud Missile says:

    A think that specky dick pardon the pun has been drinking the Fosters amber nector.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Bias at the BBC sevco fans screaming for journalists there to be sacked.It was only the other week a news presenter was taken off air for smirking about Boris pulling out the race to be PM again.
    Just what is this world coming to.

  • James Fullerton says:

    James maybe
    It’s time all Celtic fans in Britain withheld there TV Licence until the sports department especially in Scotland start being impartial,starting with ex Sevco players being cut back in there appearing to many times on Sportscene ,and I would put ex Hearts players on that list ,and also our club need to take BBC Scotland to task as well

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