Bitter Hacks Are Talking Down The Celtic Boss. Until The Next Job In England Opens Up.

Image for Bitter Hacks Are Talking Down The Celtic Boss. Until The Next Job In England Opens Up.

The sharks are circling as we knew they would.

Put a little blood in the water and along them come, flopping and churning desperate to get a bite.

According to The Record’s “deputy live sports editor” (whatever that means) “the plaudits are dwindling” for this team and the manager “amidst growing Angeball fears.” This is all trash-talk.

“Observers across the globe (are) sharing growing concerns over the all-out attacking mantra that came up short against RB Leipzig,” this idiot writes, apparently not having listened to the manager at all.

More on that later, because it deserves an article of its own.

The “article” if you can call it that – it met the description only in that there were words on a page – was a collection of different press reports from around the world.

The guy is so basically lazy that he simply put them through Google translate and copy-pasted them as they were, without even doing the simple task of editing them into proper English.

Of course, none of them express any concerns about the style.

Because, of course, the style wasn’t the problem last night.

None of them express any long-terms fears about “Angeball” far less suggest that the manager has lost his way.

Not that The Record is really serious about doing any such hatchet-job anyway; that would make it too hard for them the next time a job becomes available in England, because then, you better believe, this same writer will do all he can to paint a picture of Ange and his style being widely admired south of the border.

They’ve been waiting a while, these yahoos, to swing their boot at the boss. This is what they do. Like vultures, circling a battlefield and waiting to for a sign of carrion. Like sharks in the water, attracted by blood.

A few bad performances is all it was ever going to take to embolden these people, who have spent the last 12 months crying in a corner somewhere.

The second someone in the EPL goes down though, they’ll be singing Ange’s praises, desperate to move him on. Because deep down they know a blip when they see one, and he still scares them to death.

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  • Jim says:

    Would scare them even more if we could win an away game in Europe……

  • John Copeland says:

    We have 2faced typists at the Record wallowing at Celtic’s performance in Europe ,then we had BT’s studio presenter ,Emma Dodds smirking at every opportunity at the score and performance in Germany ! At half time with the game being drawn ,she was desperate for all negative comments to be at the fore of all discussions . Wee Strachan should have nipped that in the bud ! So much for BT sport being completely impartial and fair ! A Cheshire cat would have looked totally inadequate in that studio with Dodds there .

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Without Hart’s error we don’t lose that game 3-1,their defence is as ropey as ours has been recently

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    So whits new ?? Fk them. Can always expect their droolin, smug reviews when we get a bad result. It’s all just tae try and polish over the fact their favourites have played 3 games, won fuck all, lost umpteen goals and havent scored ONE ! Remember their excited headlines months ago sayin shite like ‘ nobody wants tae play rangers’ and ‘Europe stands up and takes notice…..’ fuckin blah blah !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    And btw, this ‘deputy live sports editor’ graeme young. Same clown that printed ‘ are rangers the best team in europe’ in his gushin headline when they beat dortmund. Talk about crackpot delusion. Tells ye everythin ye need tae know about him right there.

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