Celtic Don’t Need A “Statement” Win At The Weekend. Three Points Will Do

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There is an idea gaining currency in some places that what we need to do at the weekend is batter St Johnstone and thus restore morale. I see the sense in it, but in the place where we are right now I would settle for just getting a victory so we can move on.

As great it would be to see us playing our fast flowing aggressive football once again, this is that time in the season when you sometimes need to show steel rather than silk. It may well be that without Callum in the team and with us still having issues elsewhere in the side that Saturday will be one of those games where the important thing is the points.

For once we have the first game.

A victory puts the pressure on the Ibrox club to match us.

If they drop anything they are back to being in their own crisis. That’s an advantage we’ve only had on one other week this season, and we need to make the best of it.

I am sure that we will.

Indeed, I think that a “statement” win is certainly within our capabilities and it is something that I wouldn’t entirely rule out. But we don’t require it and the earth will not stop rolling on its axis if we secure the points by a narrow margin.

What matters at all times is points on the board.

Above all else.

It is a thrill to see us win with sexy football, but it always comes second to the winning itself. That’s where the leagues and the cups come from, the ability not just to blaze past opponents but to grind it out.

The way a lot of us feel right now, the way the team is playing, winning will be enough for a while.

When we’ve got the ground back under our feet, I have no doubt the good times and the great performances will soon follow them again.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Agreed, the 3 points is the most important factor for tomorrow’s game doing it in style would be a bonus. We played well against Motherwell last week and despite the close result we still did it comfortably. St Johnstone will park the bus to the best of their ability and it would be nice if we can take the game by the scruff of the neck and inflict early damage on them. If not, then we have to be patient and wear them down gradually. 3 points is a priority as it is every week.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    ‘Statement’ win, wtf is that ? There’s times when we can try and win games wi flair and others where we need tae be practical, dependin on the circumstances. Just the win will dae nicely thanks.

  • SSMPM says:

    A win is essential but I’m also hoping for radical changes for tomorrow’s game and in my book that’s no bad thing, with a win of course. I’d like to see that defence shuffled, Hart rested, Ralston at right back. CCV if fit on for Welsh, Taylor rested for Berni but on the bench just in case.
    I’d like to see what big Oli or Guchi can do as Callum’s positional replacement. If we can find out a bit more about one or both of them in there, then we know if there’s an option of moving Callum forward on his return and if we can rest him from time to time. O’Riley or Maeda parked for refuelling but on the bench with Sead, Kyogo and GG up front. Re-energising periods and improving squad knowledge, nothing sinister, but a win defo.

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