Celtic Fans Have Stopped Expecting Credit From The Managers We Beat.

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Yesterday I watched, for the second time since the game ended, the extended highlights.

At the end I switched it off before the Hearts manager said a word. I might as well not have listened to him the first time he spoke, because I could have written his statement for him.

A few weeks ago he poured the highest praise on Sevco. He never does that for us.

It is hard to recall – save for the Hibs manager the other week, who was a class act and full of praise for our players – the last time a beaten boss didn’t focus on the negatives of his own team but gave us some credit. Such was the rarity of what Lee Johnson said that it sticks in the mind. We have trounced teams this season and gotten not one word of commendation.

Listen, we don’t need positive reinforcement. We’re a good side and we know it.

Neilson might not have been able to bring himself to credit us, but we scored four times against his side and put the ball in the net another twice … all from open play.

He might think it was close, and others in the media might claim that it was, but his side scored twice from the spot and other than that barely troubled our goal. We were much the better team.

The same applies to those other games this season where we’ve won and been given no praise. In some of them we’ve been absolutely devastating; all people wanted to do in the aftermath was make excuses for the opposition and cast doubt on us.

Back then it was all about “you’ve not been tested yet.”

What’s their excuse now? If you believe some of these halfwits we scraped through the game.

They are entitled to that view, but they should know that we’re going to call it out for the nonsense it is.

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  • sparks says:

    we’ve had a couple of 2-1 wins that weren’t even close and the media and our most vocal challengers were claiming it as something of a crisis for us. It is indeed the hope that…. makes them look like utter fuds when they are dashed as quickly as they are raised

  • harold shand says:

    Neilson gets an easy ride by the media because like a good wee boy he chucks the towel every time he plays the huns

    • Martin says:

      Absolutely! That’s the expected role. The only reason this weekend was any different was, I’m convinced, Martin Dale was “interviewing” to replace GvB.

    • Tony B says:

      Yup. He’s a mini hun appeaser of the big huns and his teams never try a leg when playing them.

      Conversely, they play against us as if their lives depended on it and Calimero Neilsen squeals like a stuck pig every time we pump them, ie. nearly all the time. It’s an injuuuuuuustice!

      He complained long and weary on Saturday about the time it took to award them a penalty, from which they scored.

      He is an A1 1st class hurting hun fanny, and his Greyfriar’s Jobby greetin face fair cheers me up.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We do not need praise, we just need to keep racking up the points and putting their big blue noses out of joint, As long as we are happy within ourselves, that is all that matters.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    The sports pundits here chuckle that “Robbie likes a moan”.They should be calling this clown out on his after match comments.Not once have we ever beaten the diets fair and square according to him.Its actually embarrassing,but no one EVER,nails him on it.Old pals act.

  • John says:

    Its simple! Just keep winning and rubbing their noses in the Sh*te. You can see and hear their pain. Brilliant! There was something immensely satisfying about the way we went about our business on Saturday despite the efforts of those from the dark side to derail us.

  • Geoff says:

    We have not scored a good goal in Scotland all season they have all been mistakes by the opposition.

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