Celtic Legend And Ex-Ibrox Player Come Together To Accuse The Record Of Lying.

Image for Celtic Legend And Ex-Ibrox Player Come Together To Accuse The Record Of Lying.

Yesterday, The Daily Record “quoted” Craig Moore where he appeared to suggest that Leon King, Ibrox’s new “wonderkid”, had an agent who was up to no good and basically indulging in the sort of naughty behaviour that some of these guys do.

The implication was that he was trying to drum up transfer interest in the kid, at a time when Ibrox is trying to get him to sign a new deal. The Record report was pretty explosive in that regard.

Well, today Craig Moore has expressly denied saying any such thing.

He says he’s been misquoted on one hand and taken out of context on the other. Normally a little blue-on-blue action would be fun to watch; it’s not every day, after all, that an Ibrox icon turns on their favourite rag.

The thing is, Moore has an unlikely ally, or perhaps not.

John Hartson has weighed in to defend him.

It turns out, you see, that Hartson was part of the discussion panel where Moore is alleged to have made those quotes and Hartson has backed his claim that he did no such thing.

We all recognise this tactic well. The Record has done it consistently.

They’ve done it repeatedly with people at Celtic. Their lack of journalistic integrity, and their utter failure to uphold even the slightest standards or insist on them from its writers, is appalling.

Our sympathy should always be with anyone who that rag misquotes, no matter who they are no matter the context. As someone pointed out, misquoting and misrepresenting people amounts to inventing the news. It amounts to lying. There was a time when that paper took that seriously. There was a time when all the media did.

But we have a media culture now where lying is no big thing, and I always said that if you can’t trust what a newspaper puts on the back page then there is no way in Hell that you can trust them when it comes to what they put on the front.

If a newspaper’s commitment to “standards” allows its sportswriters to make stuff up, imagine what it lets its politics writers away with, when the stakes are so much higher?

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  • Garry Cowan says:

    The day late record and standards don’t mix well

  • John Copeland says:

    Back in the Spring ,the Record /Sunday Mail employed the ex the Rangers player Jorge Albertz to essentially talk up his old clumpany on a weekly basis . Albertz did do walking away after a few weeks as his print employers fabricated a story which he disagreed with . Remember that one ? There is the proof that the Record/Mail have a history of falsehood story printing .Rotten to the core !

  • Alan Joseph Morgan says:

    Tony Wedgewood Benn the late Labour MP always had a small tape recorder that he placed on a desk before him when involved in a Q&A with the press. There were No issues of misquoting.

  • harold shand says:

    The lad King is getting the full ‘ Wonderkid ‘ treatment

    Man United and others down south keeping an eye on him and also escaping bans up here

  • Gerry mc cann says:


  • SSMPM says:

    Man Utd has scouts everywhere. The rankers are so desperate for money, they’re trying to get everyone lodge associated to big him up, from every possible avenue; press, media, ex-players, ex tea ladies, so as they can sell him at an inflated price

  • Geoff says:

    Not worth an article surely?

  • Sean strang says:

    Wouldn’t wipe my arse with that paper not fit for toilet roll

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