Celtic’s Season May Have Changed Dramatically After What Happened Last Night.

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On Tuesday night, when Abada went down, I know a lot of us thought “Oh my God, not another one …” because although we have a decent squad, with a lot of depth, you can only suffer so many of these injuries before the cracks start to show.

Abada seems to be okay. Jota too.

They may or may not be fit for the weekend but they will be back in the team soon enough. Starfelt could be back soon, and then it’ll only be Callum who’s out of the side, and the midfield is the area where we’re strongest.

With a run-in like we’re facing before the World Cup starts it is that squad depth which will play the crucial role. Last night, at Ibrox, disaster struck their team above and beyond taking a proper doing from the rampant Anfield side. They lost two players at a time when they can’t afford to have a single additional player on the side-lines.

Goldson, ever present in the last three or four seasons, left the ground on crutches. The manager sounded despondent in his after match interview; he clearly knows that it’s bad and that he could be out for weeks. If he is, they are in a lot of bother.

They also lost Ryan Jack, and that might seem like something they can suck up with their own midfield depth, but two of those midfielders are over 35 and simply cannot play two games a week.

Then, today, another hammer blow … Ben Davies might also be injured, with a hamstring problem which could keep him out for weeks.

They are on the bones of their arse at the worst possible time.

The weaknesses in their squad are being exposed. They are creaking at the worst possible time and their fans are scared to death because they can see how threadbare they are.

That’s a consequence of a suicidally stupid transfer policy which is now haunting them.

We had a big night last night and we weren’t even playing. Our own defeat could have been a huge blow to our own confidence, but we’re not the ones reeling like a punch-drunk boxer.

The strength of Celtic is about to become important to this race.

The weaknesses of Ibrox are about to be exposed.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Super sub with the whistle will also be finding his role more difficult when the VAR flanker comes into play. He may not stop all the super sub attempts, but Whistler will certainly find his influence diminished.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The 7-1 thrashing alone will have rocked their confidence to the core and it will be very difficult for them to recover from that shock to their system.

    Their injuries leave an already very fragile defence in a very vulnerable position, they are there for the taking and hopefully Motherwell can take full advantage of that on Sunday. A convincing Celtic win against Hibs on Saturday will also heap the pressure on them and this could be a very good weekend for us.

  • Dora says:

    Genuinely forgot B Davies-the fragile one was unfortunate to be a wangers player…maybe one day he’ll get a run so I shouldn’t laugh too much and as for souter (that don’t look right but u know the one), less said the better..!!
    For a team who dodged Covid, injury free and who winged it to the lower tiered euro competition, well-bout time they were shown up for what they are…bang average squad who get pumped not only in Scotland but everywhere they travel.
    To think this time last year ‘fortress ipox’, ‘not afwaid of no one’, and all the other horseshit from the loyal klubbers and now, thank Fk-they have let the klub down…what a shame the billy hilly Fkwits are the laughing stock!!
    Someone mentioned yesterday that Mo’s hat trick the quickest ever and what a record the sevs have in their locker…that deserves a minutes applause surely!

  • Dominic Hannah says:

    Terrific report,,one decent game from Motherwell could collapse their season in one week, but we need to defeat Hibs first to lay that pressure on them,,we drop points then it gives them a lift again,,

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