Clownish Hack Claims The Celtic Boss Looks “Troubled” In Another Spiteful, Idiotic Attack.

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The desperate old man of Scottish football is bumping his plastic gums again today, with a pitiful piece on ourselves and the club across the city. We’re both Champions League “cannon fodder” he says, as though this is a Damascene revelation.

Well here’s the truth; it’s not. Celtic and the club across the city are woefully over-matched up against the big guns in that competition which is why the Real Madrid result bothered me not one bit.

But his blithe dismissal of Celtic, especially, as a team who only has third place to play for is the ranting of a bitter idiot who long ago passed into self-parody.

If we win our two home matches, second spot in the Group is there for the taking. And this clown dare not – nobody dare not – criticise us if we get there with seven points.

The re-write of history they did on our European form last season as compared to that of Ibrox – where we went out of the Europa with nine points whilst they went through with eight – means they’ve got nothing to say about squeezing through the door.

He contends that Ange “looks troubled” and “is starting to look visibly distressed by it all.” Honest to God, the guy who doesn’t even understand the sport he’s supposed to be covering and can’t even count out scores on a table of four teams, is now a body language expert? He forgets that we’ve been here before with him, and of course he was wrong.

“Ange cuts a detached figure, distant from those around him on the touchline and remote from his players,” he wrote back in his spite-loaded piece from August last year, you know the one which opened his shit pun about how the man’s name means “Absolutely not good enough.” The same guy who just a week ago called for a kinder, gentler world.

Ange looks neither “distressed” nor “troubled.”

On Wednesday he did, however, sound pissed off because this team didn’t play according to its abilities, and on the strength of what he’s built he does believe we should be capable of beating teams like Leipzig.

There are two things lurking behind this kind of article, the first being the promotion of the idea that Ange is becoming pissed off with life and Scotland and might seek an exit route. The second is more in line with what we know about the writer; wounded ego.

How he and others long to be proved right on their initial impression of Ange a man “in the wrong movie”, a guy out of his depth and floundering. The whole second half of the piece is an effort to present Celtic as a club in crisis because of a few performances.

He describes McGregor’s injury as “potentially catastrophic at domestic and European level.” Funny, I remember him and others saying this when Kyogo was injured last season.

His contention that “the players who were the solution to the problem of Celtic having lost Ten in a Row by winning back the title … have now become the problem themselves” is ludicrous.

It reeks of wishful thinking, and delusion. It reeks, in short, of Keevins.

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  • harold shand says:

    ‘ And there’s now a vacancy for a leader of men in McGregor’s unfortunate absence one month after he was a match for anyone in a Real Madrid shirt when they visited Celtic Park in the Europa League. It’ll be interesting to see who, if anyone, emerges. ‘

    Old Dr Doom should stop trying to be a body language expert and concentrate on getting his basics correct , like for example what European competition Celtic are playing in

  • Scud Missile says:

    You said you would never write another article on this daft auld James Hunt again and yet here you are feeding his ego.
    He is past his sell by date not only in journalistic terms but in his so called words of wisdom,the auld man is full of hatred and bile.
    He is a STUNTMAN for Victor Meldrew with his doom and gloom with everything being a moan with him.he is just your typical grump auld man.
    He has more greetin than a Christmas card.

  • Tony B says:

    Auld doddery Spew Heavins is a bitter wee stenographer, never a journalist, who has Celtic permanently living in his head, due to some slight to his fragile ego that happened decades ago.

    That he is allowed to peddle this line of pishful thinking and bollocks is entirely due to the funny paper he writes for owing their tenuous grip on continued existence to the support of the zombies, who must be coddled and placated at every opportunity.

    He and they are fighting a losing battle, both living on borrowed time.

    The Rectum is on its last legs, and when it goes, so will Spew.

    Requiescant in urinae.

  • PAUL MCCANN says:

    keevins makes the rev im jolly seem like the life and soul of the party

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