Demented Ibrox Fan Site Wants A Ten Match Ban … For Martin Compston.

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Time for a bit of fun again, folks, and there is no better fun to be had than by reading the lunatic ranting of the Sevco fans number one site for craziness. I refer, of course, to Ibrox Noise who recently decided to defend Kyle Lafferty by asking why others didn’t get the same punishment. They came up with two names in particular.

Leigh Griffiths … and the actor Martin Compston.

Yes, they want the SFA to hand down a ten match ban to a non-footballer for something they (the website) allege he did whilst in Vegas; pro-IRA chanting and singing. Which he denies by the way, and which he released a statement at the time about.

Leigh Griffiths was guilty of some moronic and reprehensible chanting before he became a Celtic player, and he did actually receive an SFA ban for that behaviour. Which these muppets appear not to understand. They don’t understand a lot of things over on that site, but I really thought they knew that the SFA has no mandate to ban people who don’t play the game.

“Former Rangers striker banned for 10 matches, but what of the others?” asks the headline to this piece of tragicomedy, which was sent to me over the weekend by someone commenting on an article. I am, as ever, grateful to those who draw my attention to stuff like this, stuff that I would otherwise have missed. This was too good not to write about.

There is an early moment of unintended brilliance in this piece;

“Ibrox Noise was once sent a video by long-time regular Keith Moore who posed with an unsuspecting Chris Sutton, before barking ‘WATP’ at him. The former Celtic striker, knowing he was on camera, walked away and that was that.”

I laughed reading that, and I am still laughing as I write it. What purpose was the telling of that story supposed to serve? That their readers are as stupid as their writers? “Look, guys, a video where I almost caught Chris Sutton out …”

You could not make that up. That is crazy.

It is supposed to be illustrative of how stupid Lafferty is, I think, but they don’t make their case very well …

“We can’t defend him, but what we can do is wonder why other cases of sectarianism don’t get the same profile, particularly when they’re perpetrated by Celtic people or former Celtic people. Let’s not pretend the green and whites are angels, they are far from it, and there have been plenty examples of this – not least Leigh Griffiths and his chants caught on camera, not to mention either the pro-IRA chanting from Martin Compston (who of course denied intention).”

No, Martin Compston denied being involved in IRA chanting, full-stop.

He didn’t deny “intention” whatever in God’s name that means.

He said he didn’t do it and that’s backed up by the footage of the incident. He clearly does not sing along with the crowd.

Still, these muppets want him lumped into their roll of dishonour … and this is their big finish.

“Why do these not quite get the same punishment, or profile, or media coverage? Lafferty has rightly paid the price for his moment of stupidity, and while all the ‘therapy’ he’s going on isn’t going to change anything, it’s the cost of being caught – being forced to carry out token anti-sectarian work in the name of changing absolutely nothing … Lafferty has rarely been guilty of much aside being foolish – he is a Ranger, and he is hard work, and he’s done a lot of silly things in his life. But rather than pretend his sentence is too great, it’s more prudent to wonder why other examples got away with a lot less. Curious.”

It’s curious to wonder why the SFA doesn’t hand out a ten match ban to a non-footballer who did nothing wrong? On Planet Ibrox Noise maybe … they really aren’t playing with a full deck over there, are they?

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  • Nick66 says:

    I should get a life ban from normality due to normality being abnormal in an abnormal reality. It is very hard to see life repeated, when the mistakes can be sorted, and those that can make the change and sort the mistakes are in fact the keepers of the error. Long live the VAR?

  • Tony B says:

    Stupid sevco cnuts, but no one would be in the least surprised about that.

    To be a sevcnut you have to be a moron. It is a requirement, and let’s face it, who else but a total fucking room temperature I.Q. fangita would support the zombies?

  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Did you not see the Hun in the hotline who wanted to know when the SAF would be throwing the book at the Irish Women’s international team?

  • Andy says:

    Thanks for putting that up – that gave me a real laugh. The peepul on that site are clearly, quite simply, round the bend. Oh, and vile.

  • SSMPM says:

    They should be promoted to the dr, as top journos usually are

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