Desperate Anti-Celtic Hacks Dream Up Another Matt O’Riley Suitor.

Image for Desperate Anti-Celtic Hacks Dream Up Another Matt O’Riley Suitor.

The Matt O’Riley nonsense continues today with speculative trash linking him Leicester, and in the January window no less, when he’ll have been at the club exactly one year.

Where in God’s name do they get this sort of trash from?

It must be great to have a job like that, a job where you get up in the morning and put your hand in a big goldfish bowl and pull out the name of a Celtic player and then go to your next goldfish bowl, where you pull out the name of a club and just write it.

No evidence required. No actual knowledge needed.

No insiders offering information, just those two fishbowls and those names and the ability to stick a hand in each of them and then craft some piece of nonsense out of whatever you get in the lucky dip.

Today The Daily Mail’s John McGarry pulled out Rodgers team, and has tried to make it stick.

The Record has added its own touch, claiming that it’s common currency that Celtic will have some sort of decision to make in January; that decision was probably made a while ago and the club will stand firm on it. Unless the offer is obscene – more than we got Tierney obscene, plus another £10 million for the Hell of it – there’s nothing to discuss.

This is the absolute epitome of lazy journalism.

The stories linking O’Riley with a move are increasingly desperate. Leicester for God’s sake? Who might not even have a manager in place come then? A team whose biggest battle might be against the drop?

Rodgers is in trouble. Their team is in trouble.

In the event this wasn’t pure nonsense, and in the event that Celtic wanted to play ball, in the event Leicester made an actual offer and in the realm we might find acceptable, and in the event the player was actually interested he might find himself playing lower league football again this time next year.

Why would he? Why would he want to? If this is, as the initial report says, a signing to “save them” are they really looking at an ex Notts County player currently in the SPL?

There are so many holes in this that it’s barely worth discussing.

I certainly don’t think any of us should be taking it remotely seriously.

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  • Tony B says:

    The usual pishful thinking and utter bollocks from the dumbed down dumb ass media.

  • Saulgoodman says:

    Ryan Christie without the goals , for £5 million al drive him there myself

    • Seppington says:

      Your attempts at trolling are pitiful, just like everything else involving you hun scum…

  • John Copeland says:

    You know what’s next ,don’t you ? The SmSm will start a campàign for Leon King to go to Engurland for £25 million ,minimum ! There will be tabs ,eyeing up , watched ,scouted ,look at’s all over the place until the next Mork and Mindy! All according to reports of course !

  • Fan says:


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