Four Goal Rout Proves That The Bhoys Are Back! (At Hampden!)

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The Celtic revival continues. That, tonight, was what we’ve come to expect in the same way that the performance at the weekend was. As the next stop is Tynecastle this is a timely moment to re-find our scoring touch. It was a great overall display.

There are players who, tomorrow, will hog the headlines; Abada in particular. He deserves them. Kyogo scored a goal and should have had a couple more. The one he got will do his confidence the world of good, but the one that came off the crossbar and bounced down and up on the line should have raised his spirits because it was exceptional.

Hatate’s goal was beautiful and the whole performance from him was great.

But I’m not going to give any of them half as much credit or praise as I’m going to lavish on a guy who has had his second commanding performance in a week, and it delights me that he was a guy who the impatient sods in our support had written off.

I refer, of course, to the unflappable Aaron Mooy who I thought was sublime tonight. He covered the ground, his passing was exquisite, his football brain is obvious. Those who wondered what the boss was doing in bringing him in … seriously, guys?

He strolled that one tonight. He strolled it. I thought he was, whilst on, the best player on the park. He was full of vision and alertness. It is easily his best performance in a Celtic shirt and he fully justified his inclusion in the team.

It was a great team performance, of course, and it is somewhat churlish to give too much praise to just one player, but he’s taken the criticism in prior matches so I think it’s only right that he takes the plaudits after the last two. He’ll do just fine.

But it was all there tonight, all on display, the very things that you want to see from a Celtic side in full flow. The finishing was much better. The intensity was there. The quality opened them up at will. The confidence is back in this team, flowing like water downhill.

This team is getting back to its best, and the heads are all up again.

Once again, we’re going to Hampden and I don’t care who we get there.

If we turn up and play like that nobody in Scotland is going to stop us.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Very pleasing win with so many changes.

    Abada has the potential to be our best player.

    And whilst it’s great to be in a semi-final…can we not play it at a football stadium,

    instead of at that shocker of a ‘national stadium’?

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    James, we’re getting Aberdeen tonight. HH

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Beginnin tae look like we’re gettin our previous form back and the goals are comin again. For me, ah liked the way they moved the ball about in the first half, good, fast, mostly one touch passin and gettin the ball forward. Shouldve really been over by HT, tho put it tae bed convincingly in the second half. Good tae see the wee man gettin the 4th. The way Geo went doon when he twisted his back was well impressive tae. Dramatic stuff

  • Geoff says:

    Totally agree on Mooy and McCarthy is looking leaner and fitter?
    Love Ange sending Kyogo up to the Bhoys at the end.
    Man management!!!
    Being picky and I’ve said it so many times before… stop Hatate and Kyogo apologising and helping opponents up after a free kick has been given against them.

  • S Thomas says:

    Hatate take a bow.. that was a beautifull goal. Celtic were a joy to watch tonight. Mooy, was absolute class. Great to watch, when we play like that. Long May it continue. Ange has some headaches going forward, some really decent performances tonight. Happy chappy this evening.

  • Dylan says:

    What do you think of the format of the new we never stop dvd? It’s a lot better than the generic show the goals of the season dvd , I think its a lot better concept. Thoughts?

  • Denis Burns says:

    6-1 then 4-0. Good wins but they mask things! Statistics. Although Celtic have majority of possession they continually commit more fouls than the opposition. Strange- you would think the teams out of possession would commit more fouls . McClean awarded 17 fouls against Celtic and 7 against Hibs. the worst display of biased refereeing since Madden at Aberdeen / Celtic when the foul count was 21- 6 favouring Aberdeen. Again Celtic dominated possession in that game too. Never mind dodgy refereeing decisions or offside onside, look at the foul count. VAR won’t interfere with this. Used to be when Celtic had a game sewn up Referees would take the chance to help there statistics and favour Celtic, but McClean showed bias from the first minute to the last. Is Celtic the dirtiest team in the League? I don’t think so.

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