Hibs Are Going To Have A Go At Celtic Tomorrow. That’s Plays Into Our Hands.

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According to the Hibs boss, his team intends to come to Celtic Park and actually play football. What a change that will be from sides who come to put eleven men behind the ball and hope to leave with a point.

It will be refreshing. It will also be dangerous.

Celtic is the proverbial wounded animal at the moment, and nothing would get us back on track better than slapping a team who were game enough to come and try and match us in the attacking sense.

I am glad Hibs are doing it, but can’t help thinking it’s doomed.

We have always been able to rely on Hibs at least coming to have a go. They are not a side which was ever built on sitting back. It is no coincidence that Rodgers struggled against them above all other teams in the league; they caught that team on the hop more than once. They are always a good side to watch, and to play against.

But this time I definitely think it works in our favour that they are promising to be gung-ho. That will give us spaces to exploit, and this team just needs to be clinical at that point.

O’Riley guards the defence well; he’s been good in the last two games. The Jenz-Carter Vickers partnership looks solid. So Hibs will have to be very good if they intend to hurt us.

I am looking forward to the game. In a perverse way, I always do after a defeat. I always feel it’s important to get back to the job and start winning again.

I just hope that we aren’t going to have another of those afternoons where we’re made to sweat.

Because if Hibs do decide to attack us and we don’t scare early the old nerves could start to creep in, and then as good as our squad is it could be a long afternoon. I suspect not.

I think we’ll score an early goal, settle everyone down and put on a show.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    We are better all over the pitch than Hibs and, as long as we are on song, we should win comfortably. Taylor v Boyle though is a personal battle that gives me concern.

    • Roonsa says:

      I see what you are saying JG because Boyle did run him ragged before. Ange will be aware of that so it will be kushti. You can be sure of it.

  • SSMPM says:

    Johnny G. not again. Are you hoping Taylor has a bad game just so you can say ‘told you so’. Are you just one of those guys that needs a whipping bhoy?
    I get your point that he’s not an outstanding player, but you could look at so many others right now. We have 2/3/4/5 million pound players. He’s not the one missing all the chances he and others are creating.
    Think yer man O’Riley played reasonably well in the Callum holding role but what’s happened to big Olli A, handpicked for that role?

  • SSMPM says:

    Thought young Berni done well recently too in his cameo appearances, but you know if there’s a great LB then it’s too high for us and he’s not coming here. We can only afford LBs under 5ft 9.

  • 18871888 says:

    Apparently huns, under new manager, Kwarteng, of victory tomorrow

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