Ibrox Fans Seem To Want Strict Liability. Except We Know That None Of Them Do.

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Ibrox fan forums are awash in disgust and rage tonight at a banner Aberdeen fans had at their game which read “Kill All Huns.” I’ve said for a long time that Aberdeen fans are every bit as bad as the support they claim to despise. That they have become a malefic echo of the Ibrox fan-base with their debased behaviour appears not to have dawned on them.

Ibrox fans really are hypocrites though. I guarantee that whole stadium reverberated today to the old “Build My Gallows” dirge, one of the most appalling songs ever tunelessly chanted by their support. How dare they wade up to their knees in fenian blood and sing lustily of mass murder whilst criticising a banner? They have no shame whatsoever.

“It’s a hate-crime!” some of them squeal. Well, they should know as they have a long experience in indulging in hate crime. Others want the SFA to take action.

But Ibrox, you see, doesn’t really. Their club (and ours ,by the way) strongly oppose the very thing they are talking about. It’s Strict Liability. For if the SFA had to take action against that diabolical flag today they might have to take action about the bigoted singing as well, and a host of other sins for which Ibrox is undisputedly guilty.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and I have talked about this quite a bit in the past; he thinks Celtic, on balance, should not only welcome Strict Liability but push for it because he points out that aside from a few halfwits in our support who we’d be better without anyway and thus forced to tackle, we have absolutely nothing to fear from its implementation.

I don’t want to see it, but I agree with him on general principle. We have nothing to fear from it and Ibrox does. That’s why when their fans rage like this and demand sanctions – remember, one demented fan site wanted a ten match ban for Martin Compston last week – we can laugh at them because that can’t possibly be a serious suggestion.

If it happened, they might as well close Ibrox right now and not wait for the inevitable to happen. That’s how sure I am that even our governing body would need to do it eventually.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Remember Rumploe of The Bailey we now have Sevco of The Deluded.

  • John Copeland says:

    If the punishment for strict liability meant shutting down a stadium for a month with no income whatsoever ,and no loopholes , I guarantee you the bigoted ,racist ,disgusting singing and messaging would stop overnight ! It’s amazing what the prospect of losing your bread and butter money will do to transport certain Clumpany’s into the 21st century as opposed to the 17th century .

  • Paul Mac says:

    So let me get this right .. Kill all huns – Bad , Kill all taigs – Ok ?
    Hmmm their mindset is definitely fecked up !!


      No shit Sherlock…..
      Fecked beyond redemption.
      Even knowing the sanctions available against them they would just keep on doing what they do.
      It’s their Kulture they’ll wail and we’re ranjurs they’ll cry with voices thickly coated in their sense of exceptionalism.
      Nothing will stop them.
      If Ibrox was raised to the ground and a Supermarket was built in its place, they would congregate outside it at 3 O’clock on a Saturday to sing their songs of the days of yore.
      Generation upon generation they regress and our only hope is that their DNA becomes diluted and the ‘Hun’ gene becomes redundant.
      A long wait beckons.

  • Effarr says:

    It would be the same as VAR. Gerrymandered to suit them. It would be ReSTRICT CELTIC without any liability.

  • Gerard Grant says:

    Always thought he was a fair pundit with a little bias towards hearts , but his views and comments are just farcical,he is becoming a laughing stock ,he should have a good think how he is coming over on TV,pure bias against Celtic, must be keeping BBC bosses very happy

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