Ibrox’s Star Men Have Failed To Impress European Scouts. That Is A Disaster For Them.

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Last night the Ibrox club was desperately poor.

They didn’t register a single shot on target until the game was almost over. They barely got over the halfway line in the course of the 90 minutes. Their fans are not impressed. Their board is spooked by it.

The manager’s negativity – which I wrote about earlier – is one thing. But it’s the utter failure by key players to even show up which has their directors terrified. Morelos and Kent both played from the start, both knowing they were being watched closely by those in English football who have heard all about them. Neither would have impressed people.

Indeed, they were dire. Kent in particular has probably torched his reputation these past few months with inept performances. Somehow, he still gets into their team. Ibrox sees him as a key saleable asset, although his valuation has fallen like a rock and not just because he is almost out of contract. Their chances of getting a big fee are not virtually nil.

The same applies to Morelos, but he at least is still managing to score goals in Scotland when he is given the jersey. But that’s not going to impress European scouts and it never was.

Morelos is another whose valuation has collapsed.

As it stands they are going to get nothing for these players, but as it stands these two aren’t worth very much more than that anyway.

To be honest, the club is clinging on desperately to footballers who no longer look in the least bit interested … it is a foolish way to behave though, because they are literally playing for the futures here and not doing it well.

Ibrox will post a profit for this season, and probably a decent one because they got to the Champions League and were able to sell some key footballers. But the hoped for pot of gold for Morelos and Kent is going to pass them by.

And when they’ve gone … well, look at that squad.

Where is the value in it? Where are the players who are going to earn them big fees in the future? That is a club staggering from crisis to crisis, with only short respites in between. This is one of those respites, but the outlines of the next major reversal are already obvious, no matter how much they deny it.

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  • John Copeland says:

    The Rangers had 10 actors behind the ball for most of the game last night ! St Mirren shall employ the very same strategy against the tribute act come the weekend ! And thus ,the Merry-go-round continues to roll on . And the Oscar goes to……

  • Dando says:

    Is there another world record on the horizon?

    First team not to score a goal in the league group stage of the champions league…….(;-0)


  • Peterbrady says:

    And hopefully they go into administration liquidation extermination and extinction permanently no more poison no more scum no more filth die hun die die sevco die

  • Martin says:

    I disagree fully.

    I don’t think they’ll be posting a profit.

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