If McCoist Thinks Having Lawrence Fit Would Have Ibrox Ahead Of Celtic He’s Delusional.

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Ally McCoist’s “credentials” in being able to identify the things that make success and failure in football are famed and his reputation is, of course, impeccable.

Oh wait … no, it really isn’t. He was the manager of the Ibrox club for the first years of its existence and he was so shockingly inept as a boss that he failed with a spending ratio advantage of many tens to one and in the time since he was ejected from that job and papped down the Marble Staircase he has had exactly zero job offers.

So when he tries to analyse what is going wrong at other clubs I always get a laugh out of it, even if the club in question is the one currently playing out of that ground. Today he’s all over the papers having offered his insight into why we’re top of the league.

He thinks if Tom Lawrence hadn’t got injured it would all be different.

What a fool that man is. What an absolute moron.

Lawrence started reasonably well but was by no means brilliant. We’re top of the league because we destroyed them at Celtic Park and scored 25 goals in the first six games. We ran over them like a tank that day and if he reckons that Tom Lawrence would have prevented that he has been smoking something truly exotic and I would benefit from some of it.

This is two things; the first is an inability by McCoist (and others) to acknowledge that we’re a better team than the Ibrox side. The second is the pervasive and quite ridiculous view that Ibrox is, as with last season, simply the victim or rotten luck instead of bad strategy and sub-par management, and of course a squad that is much weaker than ours.

He says that without Lawrence they can’t maintain the tempo that Celtic does and that this is the key difference between the teams. My God, if he really believes that it’s no wonder nobody ever wanted to see him in the dugout again.

They say in the art world that those who can’t do, teach. In football those who can’t cut it in the sharp end of management gravitate towards punditry, where these perennial losers spend all their time trying to tell better managers what they’re doing wrong.

McCoist is a classic example of that, and when he talks about Celtic he lets bias influence his thinking into the bargain. He should stop doing that. He insults the audience otherwise.

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  • scouse bhoy says:

    the fish supper cup supremo three attempts three failures. third place in a one horse race 26 points behind the leaders then getting horsed six one in the play offs. it is a disgrace that he is on any show especially involving champions league games but for some reason the tv and radio give him a platform ?.

  • Martin H. says:

    This is the guy, that couldn’t get the ibrox club out of the championship, and they are trying to give this so called legend, some credibility as an expert, on our game.

  • Hatate Hat-trick! says:

    Cheeky Chappie not a Bigot lol! A Bitter Bitter Man whom the English Media lap up coz they’re CLUELESS!!

  • SSMPM says:

    McCoist presents as many things. He likes to show that he’s a jovial funny guy who shares time and mixes and has fun with Celtic minded people. Its a mask, break him in 2, just likes Andy Gollum, and you’ll find orange embellished top to bottom

  • Johnny Green says:

    He’s a sneaky, cowardly little cur, but he is good news for Celtic as the blue hordes hang on to his every word and believe him. Let him continually misguide them, let them think they do have a good team and have a great chance of winning the league. It suits us well if they are doing nothing about their lack of real quality while we flaunt ourselves in their faces and get stronger as they stutter. I despise the little cretin, but let him play on their egos, their superiority complexes and let him lie to them as he has always done/. They like the soothing balm that their heroes spin them and when they come crashing down it is all the sweeter for us. Their pain is our gain.

  • Phelim grehan says:

    I think he gets his advice off sone bird in a car park

  • Mark B says:

    This league is really really close. We are playing way better scoring more goals looking great. But they keep on winning. And we are capable of another St. Mirren. So yes we look better but the league doesn’t lie despite beating them 4-0 we are only 2 points ahead. We have a really really tough set of away games coming up pre World Cup and then go to Ibrox. If we are still ahead by 2 early January then I would be pleased. It’s close and we better be ready for the fight.

  • SSMPM says:

    Aye, it’s no time to be complacent Mark B, 2 points is very close to nae points. Also it’s no time to be listening to that clown

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