It’s Starting To Look Like Celtic Has Found A Real Player With Hakšabanovi?

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Celtic has a knack now for finding players. We all know this.

The media knows it, and we can see that in the way they try to sell so many of them even as they are still trying to get their feet under them at Parkhead. There are smart people working on this stuff.

Still, it’s always a surprise when some player we’ve never heard of come in to the club and blow us all away. Hakšabanovi? is out latest find, and he’s had a slow start but not because of anything that he has done wrong.

It’s because other players are in front of him in the line and they have restricted him to substitute appearances so far.

But that is all about to change. Callum’s injury has shuffled the pack some, and yesterday he started the game and I thought he did well. He’s strong and aggressive, and he has good feet.

He played a role in the opening goal and he was always a problem for St Johnstone.

I like the look of him, and you saw yesterday that the manager had it right when he talked about one of the strengths of the guy is his ability to play various positions across the front line. He played a central role yesterday. His wearing the number 9 suggests that the team sees him as someone who can get goals. He’s played wide right and left.

It’s good that he’s been getting some positive press today, and it was good that he was singled out in the manager’s comments because I thought he had a very good game.

The more we watch him the clearer it becomes that we’ve got another cracker here.

The people who make these decisions right now are a vast improvement on what we’ve worked with before. This club is moving forward well. If we get the decision on who the next chairperson is correct it will bode very well for our future.

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  • Nick66 says:

    One comment you made James, an important one, it’s the,Who is going to be our next Chairman? This is just as vital to our future as is the next on field signing. Thing’s are going well with the squad, we are having a blip in front of goal but, I feel that’s about to change. The performance will return, so let’s see if the Board can up their game too.

  • 18871888 says:

    One thing he’ll need to watch, he had a bit of a tendency to run with the ball in crowded central positions; effective on the wing, but needs to learn to release the telling pass. He needs to watch a few videos of the Wiz.

  • Effarr says:

    I don`t think I have ever seen a player play so close to the ground. I don`t know whether this will be an advantage
    or not. Maybe he is afraid of heights but he certainly looks decent enough.

  • Colin Hamilton says:

    I also think this guy can do us a real turn,his passing is 1st class,also his change of space and shooting will come good.

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