Losing Makes You Stronger? Surely Not Even The Sevconuts Will Swallow That One.

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I guess if you spend long enough doing this you will get to hear everything, and tonight I feel as close to that as I’ve been yet.

The Ibrox manager has told his fans that losing three out of three in the Champions League – a tournament he quit on don’t forget – will actually make them a stronger team.

This is the first time that I’ve heard such a dismal record being registered as a net positive for a team, and it’s absolutely barking.

As my old man said to me just then, “I hope they get stronger and stronger all season then.”

Only our media would sit through nonsense like that and eat it up. Only our media – which pays for the “privilege” of sitting and listening to that – would print it verbatim without calling it the arrant nonsense that it is. Losing makes you stronger?

What a pitiful excuse that is.

Wasn’t this the team that was going to take Europe by storm this season? The one that had already scaled huge heights in the last campaign? All of a sudden they’re at the bottom of a learning curve?

Seriously? And their fans are expected to accept that?

The more you listen to Van Bronckhorst these days the clearer it becomes that he operates at a sort of Liz Truss level of reality; much of what he says makes no sense at all and the parts that do should horrify everyone who is depending on his being right.

Their fans are asked to swallow a lot in the day to day course of supporting that club, but this just makes a mockery out of them.

They’ve watched three ritual humiliations in the Champions League this season and face the very real prospect of three more and he’s telling them that this is alright because it promotes growth. Wow.

If a Celtic manager said something like that he would be mocked from dusk until dawn. Van Bronckhorst is not winning friends and influencing people amongst their fans coming out with obvious nonsense like this.

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