Martindale’s Negative Nonsense Against Celtic Gets The Beating That It Deserved.

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The media’s narrative is so, so, so tiresome.

Certain individuals in it will praise anyone who is about to face Celtic, no matter who they are.

Reading Keevins this morning, drooling over Martindale, was appalling.

A guy like this shouldn’t be allowed near our game yet he was being lauded.

But even if you ignore his list of offences, which Keevins was actually joking about – as if drug dealing and the harm it brings to our communities was funny – there’s no real reason to praise his turgid, one-note brand of football either. It is unimaginably awful.

The whole purpose behind his tactics today was to play spoiler football.

Spoiling, that is, for anyone who has to watch it on a regular basis. I would rather gouge my own eyes out.

He is not some tactical genius; it does not take a tactical genius to keep every man behind the ball and hope for a lucky break. Managers have been doing that as long as football has existed. There is no talent involved in it at all.

Occasionally it has worked against us. But not lately.

We’re just too damned good, and when we scored the early goal the plan fell apart because, really, that’s all there is to the plan.

Try not to concede. Once you do then it’s already over.

Plan B then comes into play, which is simply “don’t get beaten by too many.”

Why does this get praise?

Looking back over the course of a season, people will say that these are the games which win titles, and in a sense they are correct.

Horrible plastic pitches against managers whose team try to kick you off the ball and sit deep and make no effort to attack, even though they are playing at home. I know a lot of hacks – Keevins for one – thought we would struggle today.

I never did for one second. I thought we would win comfortably because we’ve cracked the code now about these grounds and these games. Some thought this was our cursed ground; that’s over.

Individual performances wise, I think Mooy was great again, I thought Kyogo looked sharp. Jota did too when he came on, and of course he scored again. But the back line and midfield were brilliant, and Taylor got forward and scored an excellent goal. Giakoumakis should have scored but missed the penalty; I’ll talk more about the penalty kick later.

Overall, that was the sort of win you want at a ground like that on a day like this.

Good football, an early goal, the steadying of the nerves and the shredding of the opposition game plan, such as it is.

This team is sauntering towards the title, and no amount of media bollocks is going to change that. We have gone through a bumpy spell and come out of it with a four point lead and the heads are all up and the feel-good factor is back.

As for Martindale, he might well go in front of the media today and do the “I told you Celtic were the benchmark” crap as he did before the game. But he really did think he would get something today, and so don’t be surprised if instead of giving us credit – as he did before the match – he does a bit of moaning about his own team and bad luck.

To the hacks who salivated over the prospect of us dropping something, I can only say GIRFUY. More fool you for believing something so dumb. For all Martindale’s positive headlines his team is eighth today.

Eighth. In the bottom half.

Which is where his dire, negative, public park football style belongs.

I would not watch that regularly if I was being paid to.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    All the zombies will be spewing and battering there wife’s weans and pets dirty vermin scum that they are die sevco die

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Luvly stuff from Celts today. HH

  • Frank Kelly says:

    Only slightly off topic.
    Richard Foster was truly abysmal today on radio Scotland. Justifying Livi fouls and lumping together the “old firm” when talking about Van Bronckhorst’s gripes about financial gaps.

  • Roonsa says:

    As soon as Kyogo lashed home the first goal after 9 minutes, I thought we’d skate it and we did. I think a lot of credit goes to the back line today as I thought we controlled the game from back to front.

    It’s not just about scoring the early goal. We did that in March 2020 (albeit it was Gary Holt in charge, not the drug dealer) and ended up 2-1 down before Tom Rogic saved us in added time. Back then when 1-0 up you just knew that Celtic had a soft underbelly and were always liable to concede. That’s why the nerves didn’t calm away from home till we were 2 or 3 up.

    Today, as I said, 1-0 and I had a good feeling today. Even on that shanner of a pitch.

  • Denis Burns says:

    I agree it’s difficult to play against a team like Livingston but big congratulation to Celtic for managing to get past even greater obstacles. Well done for beating Collum, Walsh and McClean, oh and Muir too of course. Much more difficult than the football teams put before them. Haven’t see Collum’s foul count today but I’m sure Celtic committed a lot more fouls than their opponents. Obvious to neutrals who the hammer-throwers were. Martindale’s lot were playing total football- pity it was the American version.

  • Dando says:

    Let’s see if Hugh comments on Martindale’s shocking verbal abuse to a young Livingston ball boy……

    His crime?

    Throwing the ball to a Celtic player too quickly, THREE MINUTES into the game !!!!!!!!

    Repulsive tadger of a man….


    • Scud Missile says:

      He is a fully paid up member of the klan,and also the next sevco manager he blend right in there.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Keevins full of praise for a drug dealer, someone who can only bring pain into people’s lives and their homes and this daft auld dithering Jeremy Hunt is LICKING his arse.
    The guy should be in a nursing home and walking about with a nappie covering his mouth with the amount shite he talks.

  • Geoff says:

    Walker continued to praise Livy throughout the game for their discipline.
    Don’t move to far from the 18yd box is hardly a discipline.
    When talking about Nouble you would think he was describing Benzema.
    Four last week and three this week but what is common?
    According to the opposition they were all poor goals and easily preventable.
    One day we are actually going to score a decent goal!

  • larsson7 says:

    What’s the saying “they would get football stopped”

  • sparks says:

    To be fair to Martindale for once when pressed on what the difference between them taking a point at Ibrox with 10 men and a 1 legged goalie and being pumped on his own patch he did say honestly that the difference was ….Celtic.

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