No Other Celtic Boss Has Been Asked So Many Questions With Nothing To Do With The Game.

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Since Ange Postecoglou became Celtic boss 16 or so months ago he has been constantly assailed by nonsensical questions which have damn all to do with his job. The one he had to field on ticketing arrangements for the game tonight was a sterling example of the kind of daft queries he has had to deal with, and he recognises some of them as blatant shit-stirring.

I wonder sometimes if some of these people realise what the job of a manager actually is. I know that there are others who realise exactly what his job is, and ask him these kinds of questions in order to generate headlines.

Some are such obvious elephant traps that I reckon they must think Ange is a particularly stupid man instead of a highly intelligent one. Those which he was asked on the anti-monarchy chants and banners were amongst the most obvious, but he’s been getting questions of that type since the day and hour he took the job.

Our media is comprised of people who are nowhere near smart enough to trip the boss up in the way they think they can. The guy can see through this stuff a mile away. A killer question has to be set up like a sniper shot, camouflaged and precisely aimed.

They just don’t have the skill-set for that, and yet they continue to try.

Ange is tired of this. You can see it. He answers the questions, but he has become seriously irritated by it and although he clearly does not want to restrict the sort of things that people can ask him he is more and more adamant about where his responsibilities stop … and when he took that question about the ticketing arrangements he hammered that home.

Today there is at least one idiot from a site across the city on Twitter demanding that Ange have to answer nonsense like this; he would do better focussing on his own club and its myriad problems than with pursuing something like this, which makes him sound like a simpleton when you consider his own club’s ticket pricing policies.

But the real problem here, of course, are those hacks who think that the Celtic manager should be responsible for this kind of crap. Those who aren’t making mischief are making themselves look like idiots.

One thing is for sure; none of them will trip up the boss.

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  • Frankie says:

    He is a tremendous chess player 4 moves ahead of these clowns, maybe they would be better asking wee boncky how much redundancy money him and his back room staff will receive, which they can’t afford, this is great.

  • Tony B says:

    So who asked the question(s)?

    Name them and shame them.

    If there’s a pattern emerging or it’s coming from the same people, let everyone know about it and expose their agenda.

    Save Scottish football.

    Expose the cheats and their enablers.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Referring to that loaded question Celtic gave 200 free tickets to Ukraine kids and family members! That idiot was doing nothing but trying to cause insult! We could sold all these ticket 1000 times over! The clown should be dealt with an an apology forthcoming from his employer! And in print if he a newspaper supposed journalist! Our club has fans tho do more for charities and causes than any club on the planet!

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