Some Of Celtic’s Travelling Support Need To Sit The Hell Down.

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Nothing but good to take from the game tonight, on the park.

But reports from friends who were at the game are less joyous than they might be, for one simple reason; there is a stone selfish element of our support who no matter where they are in a stadium insist on standing up and get very aggressive and arsey when they are challenged on it.

These people need to sit the Hell down at games.

And clubs need to steward this situation far better than they currently do.

If you pulled this kind of crap in a cinema you’d be out.

If you pulled it at rugby or any other social event where you get allocated a seat and don’t sit in it, causing everyone around you to miss the show then you’d be ejected right quick.

We get allocated seats at games to sit in them; that is so everyone can experience the game the same way.

Simple stuff, you’d think.

Now, granted, there is a section of every support which does as it pleases, but I would dearly love to see this practice ended amongst ours. There’s no need for it. If everyone’s in seat then, as a general rule, everyone can see the game.

I last wrote about this subject after the League Cup Final at Hampden last season where the enjoyment of thousands of fans around me was spoiled by two entire rows of dickheads who simply refused to acknowledge those behind them … and it needs to be pointed out that everyone in front of them was sitting down, so they had absolutely no excuse.

It is high time Celtic did something about this, since the clubs who are responsible for stewarding away grounds don’t bother their backsides. This is not such an issue at Celtic Park, where there is some semblance of order.

Some of our supporters simply have no consideration for their fellow fans.

They should get some. We’re all on the same side. Allegedly.

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  • Paul88 says:

    Nah 100% wrong here pal. If everyone sits on their arse then there is no atmosphere at all cos people don’t sing if they’re sitting down. Any atmosphere at any ground in the country comes from people that are standing. Been to many a game where some old boy complains people are standing when he’s of an age that there weren’t seats in grounds and all the old boys had no problem standing then.

    • Andycol says:

      You’re right. The old boys had no problem standing then. But the “Ol boys” were young guys back then so of course they had no problem then. In addition back then you weren’t confined to a small space between two rows of seats. I travel with a group of old boys and we have virtually abandoned going to places , such as Hampden. I think this it’s reprehensible that we are being forced out of following Celtic for 50+ years. When we buy tickets we enter into a contractual relation ship with the club and have every right to expect that the rules are followed.

  • Pan says:

    We know who they are. Why isn’t something done?

  • Geoff says:

    Wasting your breath/blog.
    They don’t care.
    They are real Celtic supporters.
    They are the real deal.
    They are a pain in the arse.
    Stopped applying for tickets for away games as their behaviour is appalling.

  • Charles says:

    It all depends on where you are viewing the game at Celtic Park. This season a certain element have been relocated spoiling the game for many others around them . The club know who they are and refuse to do anything about them even although they are breaking Celtic Park rules on standing in a seated area. We need to get our own house in order before criticising other clubs. BUT WONT.

  • Roonsa says:

    What makes anyone think that Celtic fans are different from fans of any other club (except the huns, they are uniquely despicable en masse)? Arseholes appear in all walks of life. Celtic has a percentage of fans who are arseholes.

  • Brian Fearon says:

    I welcome this article, there is no need for these selfish people to stand. Celtic Football Club must act.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye these days ye have tae come and go, that’s fair enough. I’m old school myself, miss the days where ye stood where ye liked wi yer pals. Could at least move about on freezin nights. Buyin a bovril just tae hold it for 25 minutes tae get a heat. Fell about 20 yards in every direction when we scored in a big game i.e. rangers (remember them). No actually a complaint, just a bit of nostalgia creepin in. Ma bottom lips trimlin here !

  • Archie says:

    Totally agree with you. However, l assume that it is the responsibility of Stewarts at each ground to ensure this happens? I am 61 and my days of standing for 90 mins are gone.

  • Frank Murphy says:

    Totally agree I’m seventy and go to away games and my back gets really sore I was in the second row row in the top tier and had to stand for the whole match because the front row who had no one in front of them were standing so we had to stand too it’s so selfish. Hi

  • David McDowall says:

    Standing areas should be put back in place for those who wish to stand and sing, each stadium could have a selected amount of standing only zones, standing in a seated area should be instant removal from the stadium,

  • Martin says:

    Safe standing areas are needed, I agree.

    What worries me is the Venn diagram of people who feel they and they alone have a god given right to the away tickets and people who feel that they are entitled to stand, fuck the rest of the fanbase, is a perfect circle.

    The allocation of away tickets is dreadful and the same people get them all the time in their closed shop, sing unwelcome songs and stand beligerently little cabal. But they’re more of a fan than the rest of us because they go to every away game and we don’t (…get a chance to because they monopolise and police the ticket allocation)

  • Maureen O'Brien says:

    My daughter was assaulted by a wannabe member of the green brigade at the match last night as he had a ticket for the upper tier but wanted their seats on the lower tier. Stewards need to be far more proactive

  • Mark B says:

    100% Agree James. I travel 500 miles round trip for games and spend a fortune and these people are damn selfish.

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