TalkSport’s Anglo-Centric, Anti-Celtic Clown Show Is A Gross Insult To Its Audience.

Image for TalkSport’s Anglo-Centric, Anti-Celtic Clown Show Is A Gross Insult To Its Audience.

More and more, I’ve come to hate TalkSport and its penchant for promoting the witless views of pure fools.

Men like Simon Jordan and Jason Cundy.

These guys pull up in the clown car and get out in full floppy toed regalia. They don’t hide that it’s an all a puerile act. They, like so many others, believe that there is some virtue in controversy for its own sake.

But there never has been and there never will be.

Nowadays there are so many of these people in our media that a true subversive can make a name simply by stating the bald facts to them and challenging them on the fantastical nonsense that comes out of their mouths.

James O’Brien anyone?

It’s never been so easy to grow an audience based on simply not being a complete yahoo.

TalkSport has become a slobbering hate-machine. But who exactly is it for?

Where is the audience for what they do?

It simultaneously patronises and panders to the lowest common denominator.

Where is the value to be had in a debate between two such obvious trolls as Jordan and Cundy anyway?

There was a time – even during his “Oh Brian, why are you so good?” phase – when Jim White took himself seriously enough to be appalled at the low-brow nature of this stuff.

Now he sits in the midst of it, smirking like an idiot, shredding the last vestiges of his reputation.

Equally abysmal is the way the Scottish media froths at every word that comes out of the mouths of the anti-Scottish eejits on those shows. Every word is black bile, every word seeks to paint the game here in the direst, the most humiliating, light and The Daily Record and other outlets eat it up like a cat grubbing sick off a sticky kitchen floor.

Bad enough that TalkSport so obviously insults its own audience.

The Record wants to impose these views on those of us who wouldn’t listen to their shows if the alternative was someone cutting our ears off. But as long as much of it is anti-Celtic – and so, so, so much of it is anti-Celtic – there are sections of our media more than happy to provide them a platform, even when we’ve quite deliberately and very obviously opted out.

For really, what is there to opt into anyway?

An Anglo-centric, anti-Celtic car crash on radio, helmed by morons, listened to by God knows what braindead audience. The thing with the controversialists is that their act gets old very quickly … and this one has been going way too long.

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  • Mickybhoy71 says:

    I don’t believe I just wasted 4 minutes of my life reading this utter pish

    • Roonsa says:

      Believe it mate. I read the headline and that was enough for me. James Forrest is capable of so much more than shooting fish in a barrel.

      • Paddy Sinat says:

        You obviously read it all and felt the need to comment. Wee hint. No one forces you to read it for less try to be a smart arse and leave a comment.

        • Roonsa says:

          You are right. I have read it all before. A hundred times. Hugh Keevins, Jason Cunty, Simon Jordan, Keith Jackson etc etc etc. So why would I waste my time reading it again? Nobody is trying to be a smart arse. It’s a comments section and I would have thought that people are free to say whatever it is they want to say as long as it’s not completely OTT. The reason I said what I said is not that I wanted to be a smart arse. I know I am a smart arse, I don’t need to prove anything in that regard. It was more that I know James is capable of providing great insight thereby helping us to look at a topic in a way we, perhaps, hadn’t thought of before. This, on the other hand, is just tripe. Not worthy of most people’s time. Yours perhaps, but not mine.

  • Martin says:

    So you’re not a fan of some radio show I’ve never heard? OK.

    Bile is dark green, by the way. Like a spinach smoothie.

  • Stephen Burns says:

    I noticed last week that White manipulates every word said by others to make appalling and untruthful conclusions,why did Sky sack him just saying

  • Binkabhoy says:

    Only a fool would disagree with you here James

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    James o brien and nick abott if you want to hear the voice of reason and truth.

  • S Thomas says:

    Is your friend Phil not a controversialist though James. Simon Jordan speaks his mind, nothing wrong with that. Big Chris Sutton does the same, as does Roy Keane, absolutely nothing wrong with that either. I like talksport actually.

  • Geoff says:

    Have never listened to a second of Talksport and only know about it when clowns like them are highlighted on Twitter etc.
    Never seen more than a few minutes of River City or Mrs Browns Boys to know it’s absolute pish.
    Don’t listen

  • peter cassidy says:

    you dont need to listen to it or read the rubbish thats written in the media.

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