The Celtic Boss Slaps Down The Hacks Again For The Stupidity Of Their Questions.

Image for The Celtic Boss Slaps Down The Hacks Again For The Stupidity Of Their Questions.

It wasn’t a great day for the hacks at the Celtic presser.

First Lindsay Herron got his facts entirely wrong when asking about Celtic’s European record (“I don’t know if you’re aware of this,” he had the cheek to ask our manager before trotting out a piece of utter codswallop, for which he was taken to task at the end by Gerry McCulloch) and then another of them got slapped for a typically ignorant question.

Ange dealt with the first one easily.

Even if Herron had gotten his facts right, as I said in a piece earlier in the week it is ridiculous to hold this team accountable for the record of its predecessors. They carry enough weight. They shouldn’t have to carry that.

“Yeah, look,” he said. “I haven’t been responsible for all (that) … you’ve got to cut me a bit of slack.”

Which is a point that he shouldn’t even have to make as the idea that he should be taking that on is patently unfair and even ridiculous. I would love to see Van Bronckhorst’s face if someone asked him if he was aware that an Ibrox club last won a Champions League group game 12 years ago, and it wasn’t the one playing out there now which did it.

Then he was asked if his efforts to replace Callum in the team were a result of “trial and error.” I mean, for God’s sake. I said at the weekend that I thought putting O’Riley there was an obvious move because you can tell he has most of the key attributes to play as a defensive midfielder, and I’m a layperson, albiet one who watches a lot of the sport.

How can someone in the punditry business really be so dense?

Ange didn’t let him away with it either.

“I hope it’s not trial and error mate,” he said, and when he uses that word you know someone is about to get spanked. “I spend a hell of a lot of time thinking about football and doing what I do. There is a little bit of methodology that goes into it.”

And of course there is.

What do these ignorant eejits think this guy does? Puts names in a glass bowl and picks them out at random?

The more you listen to our hacks – and the more they get panelled by this guy – the more you realise that they really do not understand this sport at all, that their knowledge of it isn’t even surface deep and that our manager could run rings round them like this all day, every day, if he didn’t have more important things to do.

It’s almost inexcusable how little these people understand the sport they are meant to be covering. They don’t do their research, they don’t try to understand tactics or strategies, they don’t even possess the most basic general knowledge … it’s abysmal it really is.

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  • Starman says:

    Question tae Giofanny.. “Are u aware Gio that the last time a team called Ranjerks won a game in the Champions Lg wiz 2010 & they’re noo DEED” LOL!! If only any ae them had the baws but as they’re aw Pussies uve Fukin NAE CHANCE BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Nick66 says:

    Q, Ange, the Captain is out for a few weeks. You have a strong squad, so who do you want to step in as his replacement?
    A, Yea, mate, we have a strong squad, and we’ll adapt and continue on our path. When one is out, there is always another available, be It Captain or otherwise.
    Why oh why does Ange have to suffer the same idiotic Q’s , that’s my fictional Q and A, but I think my. Q is better than the Hacks

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Your last question re Ange Nick….

      Because we have a truly spineless board at Parkhead that are yellow, cowardice and shamefully are unable and unwilling to protect Celtic and our supporters from referees, press and media, cops, you name it they won’t protect us one little bit…

      Well they lost me as a season ticket holder when not a word was uttered when Doncaster said that Sevco were the same club absolutely –

  • harold shand says:

    Is that not the same guy that doubled the amount the huns made for their Europa run then got found out and made to look very silly by the author he stole the story from ?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    And because there was a fair bit of doubt about their ‘penalty’ on Sat, bang on cue now the DR (of course) runnin an article about how VAR couldve ruled out Geo’s winner. Absolutely un-fuckin- believable. So predictable and typical they would sniff out some shite like this. These idiots are beyond belief. Fuckin pathetic.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Well ah managed tae fuck that yin up. He was actually talkin about the St.J goal. When ah read it, WAS half pissed but nae excuse really. Anyway, makin nae apologies, it’s no like them tae print somethin positive about us. Token gesture tae show how ‘impartial’ they are, far as I’m concerned.

  • Tony B says:

    Herron? Is he Alan Herron’s son? If so he only got the job because of his father.

    These people are talentless buffooons who got their jobs,not through merit, but who they know or what ludge they belong to.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Kevan McKeown are you the kevan who was the Motherwell goalie in the 80s

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