The Celtic Players Who Talked To The Press Seem More Confident Than Despondent.

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Normally, after a bad defeat, I want Celtic’s players to shut up and focus on the game to come. I don’t want to hear them rally themselves. I’d rather they did it in private, rather than make grandiose promises which come back to bite them.

But in this case I’ll take it. In this case it’s good to see Jenz and O’Riley and others come out and say that the mood is still good and the heads are still up. I’ll be writing later about the black cloud above the club right now and why it’s not an issue … the players already get it.

It is good to hear that the heads are not down and that everyone is looking forward to the next game. To read some of the media coverage we’re getting you’d think we were in deep trouble instead of still holding the future very much in our own hands.

The players and the management team get it. They know that this is a blip to be overcome, not a swamp to sink down into. They are not about to let this derail our progress.

For once I’m happy – eager even – to hear the players express their self belief. It is a sign to everyone else out there that they write this team off at their peril, because we haven’t come this far to fail. We haven’t shaped ourselves into a winning machine just to let it all fall apart because of a few dodgy performances.

Every team goes through them. It is the great sides which come through to the other side and win things. That’s what this team did last season. It’s what I expect them to do in this one. Most important, it’s what the players expect themselves to do.

That’s more like it Celtic. That’s who we’re meant to be.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I am still very upbeat. Onwards and upward. We move on.

    Mon the Hoops. ??

  • John Copeland says:

    The problem I have with speaking to the ‘press,’ is that they twist comments into pretzels ,to suit their own agendas ! I’d rather the ‘talking,’ was done on the park ! Who cares what the typing types type up ! What’s that old song title ? Silence is golden ! Or is it goalden ?

  • SSMPM says:

    Can’t trust the hun press but we know we’re still making chances against good teams and just a few goals away from doing well. Finish those chances and that shuts them up.

  • John Lyon says:

    Your blog is very well written and on the money. Have you ever written anything about sportscene? Thomson, Miller ect. They don’t highlight the hand ball for a penalty and sending off but jump all over our captain’s sending off . What a pair of tools. They never show rangers controversial decision. Keep up your blog it’s BRILLIANT

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