The Celtic Symphony Storms Up In The Charts In Support Of The Irish Women’s Team.

Image for The Celtic Symphony Storms Up In The Charts In Support Of The Irish Women’s Team.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about the Ibrox fans and their despicable attempt to draw some equivalence between what Lafferty did and what the Irish women’s football team did in a changing room.

Later today I’ll post about Lennon’s response when asked to draw a link between one and the other and then to our fans and their anti-monarchy protest.

Last night, I was tickled to see that the Celtic Symphony has rocketed up the Irish charts, to reach Number One. Now the push is on to get it to Number One here in the UK.

I would love to see the Irish of these islands pull that off.

If you’ve got access to an ITunes account or whatever one will help get it there, I’d urge you to spend two or three quid on it.

This is, of course, about more than what the Irish women’s football team did.

It’s about the whole notion that Irishness and Irish history should be neither seen nor heard lest the readers of The Daily Record and the right wing rags get upset by it.

Well screw it, it’s about time they had their faces rubbed in something they don’t like.

They enjoy nothing more than waging culture war.

In this one we’ve got the whip and I am more than happy to crack it off some of them.

It’s great too though that the Irish women’s team are getting such an expression of solidarity in their native land. It would be brilliant to see the Irish of this island, and basically anyone who cares about free speech, acting to affirm their behaviour as well.

They apologised. I understand why they did – they felt they had to – but I wish they hadn’t.

Celtic has proved that it’s worth taking a stand against these goons. For weeks we were pounded by the heavy artillery of the batshit Brexit media and their loudmouth shock-jocks and held firm.

No gushing statement. No silences. No criticism of the fans.

The Irish FA should have given the girls their support and told them “bring it on.” Or if they didn’t feel able they should have done what Celtic did, and took a stand with an almost magisterial “no comment.”

In the absence of that, the Irish public stepped up.

Now the Irish diaspora on this crummy little island must do the same.

For the women, yes, but for the sake of all of us.

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  • Pan says:


  • Donald John Mac Innes says:

    If it gets to no 1, they’ll get to be outraged again – everyone’s a winner!

  • Denis Burns says:

    I think they made a big mistake with the comments about educating us whilst ignoring the atrocities carried out by the British Army. Poppy month is just round the corner. I can remember the days when it was called Poppy Day! Celebrating Ireland getting free of the Westminster gangsters is something to be rejoiced. If only Scotland the Brave could have had the balls for it. We didn’t have to die for it like others did it just required a cross on a ballot paper. The news of this song shooting up the charts is- if you’ll pardon the pun- music to my ears.

    • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

      Yeah, absolutely let’s let Protestant Anti Catholic Scotland be left to its own devices!

      The guys you moan about every day of the week, and in this very article, who detest us actually run this country. The establishment hate us, the media hate us and the vast majority of the population of Scotland have an inbuilt dislike, if not outright hatred, of us.

      Pray tell what changes if Scotland the Brave is left to itself? What changes? They will get to legislate for themselves. They’ve inexplicably got the Catholic vote, but they need the majority of the population to stay in power. The Catholics are a 20% minority in this bigoted toilet of a country. To stay on power the establishment will pander to the majority. The majority that hates us.

      Just as we begin to see the end of the Protestant statelet in Northern Ireland we are on a one way road to creating a new one in Scotland.

      Scotland is not a progressive all inclusive country. It’s a bigoted backwater minus the bullets and bombs. When the excrement hits the fan, as it surely will, the minorities will be crushed in this country. One minority in particular that is actively encouraging it!

  • Phelim Grehan says:

    Last week at anfield when only the new clubs fans were left in the stadium live inter view with Henderson at the side bc of the pitch wax taking place. The billy boys was being sung loud and proud . The commentator tried desperately to pass it off as a joke . Nothing from uefa in that 1.

    • The Real McCoy says:

      Correct ?
      They tried to combat ? YNWA with the Billy Fullarton song and also I’m sure Sloop John B.
      Maybe it was a Beach Boys v. The Beatles thing.
      I , like you, am curious as to whether UEFA or FARE are actively investigating this?

  • SSMPM says:

    Really disappointed the Irish apologised to the singers and advocates of ‘up to your knees in Fenian blood’, etc (too many bigoted racist tunes to mention really).
    By not condemning such songs regularly sung in the streets of our society, at ibrox, away games, on marches, or when their mob is simply just smashing up the city, the governing bodies, media and journos are clearly and overtly showing that they are a big part of the problem and institutionally bigoted and racist too.

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