The Ibrox Fans Have Again Shown Us Why Their Club Is Right To Think They Are Daft.

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This weekend, something strange happened.

A well-known sportswriter took Ibrox to task in highly emotive language for the way the club treated its own fans. Those same fans are rightly furious with their board and the way it is exploiting them.

You would think, under those circumstances, that they would appreciate every single bit of support they got, from whatever source.

These, after all, are the very Peepul who just a week or so ago were welcoming positive comments from Farage, Whale, Kyle and the rest of the right-wing collection of goons and assorted trailer trash.

So whose support do they not want? Whose support are they vehemently against?

Step forward … Hugh Keevins.

Now we’re truly strangers in a strange land here, because if there is a debate and Hugh Keevins is on one side of it I am usually thankful to find myself on the other. But in this case he was on the money. What’s weird is that I agree with him at a point where he’s basically standing up for them and calling out people who are blatantly ripping them off.

Please, for a moment, try and appreciate my dilemma.

I am standing up for Ibrox fans for a start. And Hugh Keevins is standing beside me in doing the same. I took a couple of days off last week because I felt ill; excuse me if I’m wondering if this isn’t some sort of fever dream I’m in.

But guess what?

Their fans don’t want my support.

They certainly don’t want the support of Keevins.

I have an inbox full of bile from them from last week, where I basically slated their club for the way it treats them. Keevins has now done the same … and they are furious.

He’s getting it tight on their forums and all across social media.

It’s ignore the message, shoot the messenger time again.

What they fail to understand is that this bitter lashing out at any outsider who criticises their club is exactly why their club’s directors think they can get away with doing these Peepul over time and time again.

To them, Keevins can’t possibly be an ally in a very real showdown with their board; he’s a “Celtic minded” hack “attacking them” out of malice and bias.

I mean, seriously … even when they are pissed off at their board they still see any criticism of them from outside as a something to be angry about, something which sends them to the barricades in full-scale staunch mode.

They’ve been like this for years.

Remember when Rangers was in the hands of Craig Whyte and these Peepul all followed the OldCo? First they slammed all of us for digging about in his background and proving he wasn’t a billionaire (or even trustworthy).

Then when the BBC turned up evidence which showed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what he was, what was their response? To thank the national broadcaster for exposing him properly?

No, they famously picketed the BBC itself and subjected its staff to threats!

Every time myself or others highlight the deceptions of their board, they lose the nut. They go off the deep end. Eventually, when information comes to light which proves we were right what is the reaction?

To call us bigots and all manner of other names.

It’s as if we were the problem.

As if our information was the issue instead of what it means.

And in attacking everyone else, they never focus on what the real problem is; the people inside their own walls who play them for fools.

No wonder their board thinks it can keep getting away with this stuff.

These folks let them off the hook every time.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Andy gray was told the truth same club ? 55?. 150 ?

  • Seosamh says:

    are you kidding me!?

  • Malc says:

    Can’t see why you bother! If the orcs are willing to trust every word that comes out of Mordor, why the hell should anybody else worry? In the end it is them that will suffer. Fuck them.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Sevconuts – How appropriate.

  • SSMPM says:

    Scrutiny is their enemy

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ffs compared wi that mobs mindset, a Salvador Dali paintin makes mair sense. Ah think their bent, twisted logics too much for their OWN heeds wi some of them. Btw, personally don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion they’ll get gubbed tonight tho. A year ago ah wouldnae have given a tupenny for their chances and wouldve been anticipatin them gettin a maulin, but Liverpool are a weird mob just now and can be just as liable tae fk up. Could be and hope ahm wrang, but ibrox f.c. probably couldnae pick a better time tae get them. Just an opinion.

  • Peterbrady says:

    And what are the odds the hordes of scum rioting in pool and ignored by media swept under the carpet nothing to see here

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