The Record Has Some Cheek Slagging Celtic’s Euro Rivals Over “Fake Club Claims.”

Image for The Record Has Some Cheek Slagging Celtic’s Euro Rivals Over “Fake Club Claims.”

There are times when the Daily Record is unintentionally hilarious, and we saw one of those times just the other day when they put out a story about how RB Leipzig are “hated” in Germany by other fans who seem them as a “fake club” because of their foundation story.

You would never think that such a fake club exists in Scotland, right on their doorstep, or that they spend every moment of every day pretending not to recognise that fact.

Yes, RB Leipzig do not have a conventional football story.

They are an artificial construct.

But you have to give Red Bull credit; they at least accept that and make no bones about it.

They at least had the foresight, and the guts, to forge on and believe that they could craft an identity for their creation. That took imagination that no-one in Scotland possessed.

Think of what the second Ibrox club might have been had it not decided to adopt the garb of Rangers, and port over all the backward shit-kicker baggage. They had a chance to be anything they wanted to be, and they chose to clone themselves from a corrupt, sectarian organisation which Scottish football was better off without.

Whatever else RB might be, they didn’t emerge from the grave of a scandalised institution forged on bigotry and which died mired in cheating, fraud and scandal.

Yes, RB are widely disliked in Germany, where in football community matters and every major club has roots that spread far and go deep.

Nobody over there likes the foundation story of the Leipzig team, which appropriated the identity of a side called SSV Markranstädt.

But if you know the facts, you’ll know a club by that name still exists, an off shoot of the RB empire which continues in the spirit of the lowly football team that Red Bull turned into a giant.

Ibrox might kid itself than its own history is somehow something noble, but kidding themselves is all they are doing.

They are the proof of how dark some corners of this game are.

There is a lot less to be proud of there than there is in RB’s story, which at least acknowledges, and is true to, its artificial nature.

They never pretended to be other than they are.

And in doing so they have created something that one day will have those roots which is more than the Ibrox club ever will.

In pretending to be what they are not, their “roots” will always belong somewhere else. To the dead club the media, in its slagging off of RB, never wants to acknowledge far less talk about.

But we all know the truth.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol football klubs and DOPPELGANGERS.

  • Tony B says:

    sevco is the epitome of what being a fake club means. A history of bigotry, cheating, racism, criminality and fascist entitlement contributed largely to its death in 2012.

    What is there now is a Frankenstein monster confected out of bits and pieces but nevertheless entirely different and new from the previous monster .

    As the saying goes; different shite same flies, and same fascist stench about it.

  • John Copeland says:

    Jurgen Klopp ,the German manager of Liverpool is one non member of the tribute act club ! At a presser a few months ago stated that the Rangers were not the same club ! You’ll notice not one Scottish English based reporter asked for Herr Klopp to clarify or justify his words of condemnation ! Par for the course .

  • Jim Mallon says:

    The Record I.Q. target is proven by the big fkn question. Are there more doors than wheels.
    But there ye go, what an embarrasing organisation.

  • Peterbrady says:

    And what about the bigot commettare on bt sport spouting his pish on pool and sevco freek mcgreek on his appearances on two different clubs/ team no mention of the forbidden word LIQUIDATION why he left dead club/team and returned to the pox for new club/ team telling lies of continuation the only continuation is the poison of the filth the media and all the scum vermin zombies DIE SEVCO DIE


    Just an aside, but due to the supply chain shortages caused by Brexit has anyone else noticed the severe lack of full stops and commas in the Economy. It must be playing pure hell with production and GDP.
    It’s as if they’re being hoarded. Maybe they’re being stockpiled until their value increases.

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