The Record Publishes Another Ridiculous “Celtic On Red Alert” Story On Europe.

Image for The Record Publishes Another Ridiculous “Celtic On Red Alert” Story On Europe.

Yesterday I wrote about how The Daily Record’s lazy hacks are increasingly obsessed with writing stories about European football and broadcasting how Celtic are “on red alert” over various developments. I wrote that because they were banging on about the co-efficient. Today they are banging on about the European Super League.

I want to scream at these people what is obvious to everyone; there is no European Super League. They have taken an article from a right-wing English tabloid and run with it, and now The Scotsman is copying them, although there is exactly zero prospect of this story going anywhere real. It is, from first to last, a pure pipe dream.

The basics of it are that the “company” formed by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus to promote the stupidest idea in the history f European football has hired a new top man. And they are reforming their proposal in a bid to get other clubs on board.

But the EPL has already threatened any club which flirts with this with expulsion.

Because, of course, it would destroy their whole economic model. The same threats have been uttered by other top European leagues. UEFA has threatened to ban every club which involves itself in it. They will not guarantee their players access to any of the protections offered under the current system and will ban them from representing their countries.

The last proposal lasted just 24 hours before it was shredded by national associations, the ECA, the broadcasters and the fans. That was before UEFA and FIFA threatened draconian actions, which is when the English clubs ran running for the hills.

The proposal is dead. It is finished.

There will not be a European Super League under any circumstances if it not organised and run by UEFA itself. Celtic is well aware of this. They are well aware of the depth of opposition to any such proposal, from right across the game, and so what these three clubs and their paid flunkey want to promote is of absolutely no consequence to this club whatsoever, and the level of concern is zero.

The “proposed” start-date for this project would be in 2025. This is the year when the new changes to the Champions League come in; they have already been voted for and approved and although I know a lot of people positively loathe them – they are ridiculous – they are set in stone and no club is going to jeopardise them without dire consequences.

Celtic have more important things to worry about than crap like this.

This will barely blip on the radar.

It is a non-starter, so why should we concern ourselves with it?

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  • Woodyiom says:

    “It is a non-starter, so why should we concern ourselves with it?”

    Stop reading/looking at the Daily Record James – NOTHING in it is worth the paper its printed on.

  • John Copeland says:

    The daily Record printing a Red Alert story ! Be careful what you wish for ! If the latest stats for newspaper daily sales are correct ,it’s the daily Record that should be on the highest grade of alert there is . Is there is a defibrillator close at hand ? That posse is in deep ,deep, dire ,peril .

  • Robert Cairns says:

    Why don’t you just call it the daily ranger as all they want to praise in them. I’ve stopped buying paper’s for over 2 years now and I don’t miss any of there crap any more
    Just buy the Celtic View that’s enough for any Celtic fan ?

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