This Celtic Team Must Stop Being Defined By The Failures Of Its Predecessors.

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In the aftermath of the game on Wednesday, there was a lot of talk about Celtic dreadful away record in Europe. I remember such talk about our away domestic form when we failed to win any of the first three matches on the road last season.

I have always found the idea that a team should be judged on what teams who came before them did or didn’t do to be frankly stupid. The recent history that this club lugs on its shoulders in Europe right now is a weight that it should never have to be bear because it’s not their weight to carry. Those failures belonged to other Celtic sides.

It is high time this one realised that this bag of bricks can be put at the side of the road. That’s part of what is dragging them down right now, this idea that they somehow bear those scars.

Very few of them do. There is no need for this team to feel that it has some responsibility for re-writing history. They started on a new page. They must write their own.

The media loves to put us under pressure for our past sins.

But there is no reason that this side cannot do what other Celtic sides have failed to.

It is preposterous to look back at records set under previous Celtic bosses, when not a member of this team was at Celtic Park, and somehow hold this side accountable for those mistakes and defeats.

And yet I don’t have the slightest doubt that part of the problem this team has is that they feel that on their shoulders. It is simply unfair and un-necessary to burden them with it.

Ange has to get through to these guys that there is no need for a collective inferiority complex.

The commentary team on BT Sport were at great pains to talk, for example, about our record in Germany; we’d one won once in 14 trips there before that game. It was as if these players were the ones who played in all those matches, and they didn’t. Some of them were played before some members of this Celtic team were even bloody born.

Yet these players had made a mere one of those trips, to Leverkusen last year.

Yet the mentality seems to haunt us.

The collective toll of that record seems to be chained to their legs, making a difficult job even harder.

This team clearly need to acquit itself better when it’s on the road, but this is a common failing of teams in Europe; most of them are vastly different sides when they are playing in front of the home crowd.

Besides, the only records they are competing against are their own.

They are the only standard by which this team ought to be judged.

The sins of the fathers must not be paid by the sons. These guys deserve nothing less than to be accountable only for what they do or fail to … not what every Celtic side who ever lost a game in Europe did before them.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I don’t believe the present players are even aware of past stats domestically or in Europe. It’s not something that would concern them or bother them even if they did know them. Celtic’s history is just that, they will be aware of the good things and will try and live up to that but anything else is irrelevant to them.

  • Saulgoodman says:

    Wee message to kyogo , get your finger out son , 1 hat trick in a 9-0 win not enough , you’ve been anonymous in most games id rather go with the big man instead , sometimes kyogo just looks happy to be there , but ange knows best I suppose….

    • Frank Kelly says:

      I believe that movement off the ball is important too.Defenders will have one eye on him and one eye on the ball. He’s no bad at that.

  • Geoff says:

    Forget past managers our European record under Ange is awful and the same mistakes are being made game after game.
    We are constantly running on empty after 60-70 minutes and good teams can then just pick us off.
    This is a direct result of overtraining.

  • Colin Hamilton says:

    Totally agree,the press dont miss a chance to find anything to use against us,this team is nothing like the last managers,both in terms of personel or in the way we play.

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