It Is Hilarious Watching As The Media Waits For The “Real Ryan Kent” To Appear.

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There’s a great Tony Soprano moment in the superb third season of the show, when Tracey, a dancer at the Bada Bing, who is having a fling with his arrogant soldier Ralphie, tells the irascible mob boss that she has some concerns about their relationship.

“Sometimes,” she wails, “he acts like he doesn’t even care.”

“You ever think he’s not acting?” he asks her.

God help me but I always laugh at that moment firstly because it’s such a perfect Tony line and secondly because it’s obvious that the idea that maybe he just doesn’t give a damn has never dawned on her at all.

I often think the same mentality is at play when it comes to Ryan Kent, the Trailer Park Serial Killer.

You listen to people in the media sometimes and you wonder what player it is they think they’ve been watching when they talk about his skill-set and how he “has everything” and only needs to find his confidence and he will find his form. Throughout it all, they admit – because they have to – that “he’s really poor at the moment” or “he really isn’t playing well.”

And it always makes me wonder – and you’ll pardon me for writing in the local vernacular here – why they don’t just recognise that he’s pish? Is the need to believe that this guy is a major force really so strong that they can ignore, indefinitely, the evidence in front of their eyes? Because for most of us it is pretty clear that he’s a terribly limited footballer.

This isn’t just a player experiencing bad form. This isn’t a confidence thing. This guy flatters to deceive on those occasions where he beats a man or puts in a good ball. Because the rest of the time he’s dire. If this was a Celtic player the media wouldn’t even be debating his merits any longer, if they ever did in the first place.

They’d long ago have concluded that he doesn’t have any.

Hugh Keevins would have called him a wage thief or at the very least an imposter.

Celtic would be getting lambasted for spending so much money on him.

No-one in the press would be looking for the emergence of a superstar, far less kidding themselves they were already watching one.

Neil McCann – hardly the brain of Britain, and I recognise that fact – has used the confidence excuse tonight.

Talking about a chance Kent missed in the game he said, “He should take it with his left foot and drive it across the keeper. He elects to take another touch and that’s what you do when you’re suffering from a lack of confidence.”

That’s also what you do when you’re suffering from a lack of quality, isn’t it? It’s like another great Sopranos line from the sign season; the discussion between Tony and his uncle about how Jackie Aprille Snr always excused his son’s daft behaviour by claiming he had a “learning disorder.”

“Well, stupidity would be a learning disorder, wouldn’t it?” Tony says.

Yeah. Which just about sums it up. Kent “just not showing it” is pretty suggestive of “just not having it” to begin with. One day – probably when he’s left Ibrox on a free – this might start to sink in.

Whilst he’s in that jersey they’ll continue to believe.

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  • Frankie says:

    He wants out, as for McCann what can you say emptied from Dundee

  • Martin H. says:

    He is pish, how many excuses can they make, any professional player on his day is world class, the good ones are always, or there abouts, on their game, all this media crap, is to try and get something for him in January.

  • larsson7 says:

    I said it before others”A one trick pony” who does not score goals,that’s Ryan Kent.Tranmere or Exeter,is his levelled long

  • Derek Mcwhinnie says:

    Most overrated player to set foot in Scotland
    James forrest scored 3 times as many on Saturday as Kent has in 2022

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