After A Week Briefing The Press In His Favour, The Ibrox Board Finally Axes Its Manager.

Image for After A Week Briefing The Press In His Favour, The Ibrox Board Finally Axes Its Manager.

So much for loyalty, right? So much for standing by their man. Just days ago, the Ibrox club allowed a Sky special which we jokingly called Gio: The Movie to go ahead, lauding him and looking back on his first year as boss.

That was accompanied by their directors telling a reporter from the BBC that they were unanimous about keeping him around.

I guess it only takes one ringing endorsement from Souness to change everything, eah?

To be honest, it always looked untenable.

They were facing going into the AGM having to defend having him in the building.

They had started to prepare the groundwork for that – this much is obvious considering some of what was being put into the public domain about injuries making a difference and how they wanted to give him a chance with a full strength team – but it was hard to see how it was tenable since he’d lost the dressing room.

Maybe, ultimately, that was what finally decided the board.

The certainty that the players were not going to do it for him. He had lost control of them, as evidenced by Morelos’ gleeful, almost mocking, holiday snaps. It’s the one relationship time won’t fix.

Their club now faces the nightmare scenario of having to attract a new manager and fund him properly for next season.

Mark my words, having bitten the bullet and gotten rid not only of Van Bronckhorst but the whole backroom team they have just pissed away any financial jackpot that this year’s Champions League qualification earned them.

They are, in effect, back to square one.

Which is a far cry from where they imagined themselves when this season kicked off. They were gearing up to conquer Europe at that point, and imagining Ange as a one season wonder.

Obviously, this is a huge story and one that has a lot of juice left in it, but what we can say right now is that Ibrox had one option here that might have given them a road through; to accept that this season is a write-off, to give Van Bronckhorst some additional time and to get the decision absolutely spot on. They’ve now cast that advantage away.

In choosing to go now they’ve narrowed their range of options – it won’t be someone currently in a job, for example, unless someone really cheap – or something well planned out and thought through.

The very fact that games kick off again in little over three weeks means they’ve set themselves a ticking clock … which multiplies the possibility of making a mistake.

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  • Martin says:

    They should’ve withheld funds for January as we did for Lennon, with the aim of giving new guy a chance. Watch them now go for uber staunch, super cheap option and make same promises they gave Gio, with same lack of follow through. And same end result.

    I can’t wait!

  • Peterbrady says:

    Bring back Pedro and his caravan for all the zombies to climb into as it goes ever the cliffs ha ha

  • Frankie says:

    James the truth is and it’s a fact their manager is gone by Christmas, pay him his entitled MONEY.

  • Denis Burns says:

    Hope they bring back Grim Sourness, he knows everything and his managerial record is… well incredible!!!!!

  • Jack says:

    They’ll not improve on GVB. The guy deserves better than them, so I’m pleased for him to be getting away. I think they’re screwed now which is absolutely splendid.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Personally couldnae care less who it is. We’re more than happy with our own manager and importantly, have the financial resources tae back him up, that they can’t compete with. Anyway, doesnae matter who they get, we can expect the incomin over excited, speculative, media super hype, for this one as well. They never learn.

    • Walter Chinstrap says:

      What people fail to comprehend is that Sevco DO NOT honour contracts or pay bills.

      Stop saying that Gio and his team will sting them for 3-4 million.

      They’ll just carry on regardless

  • kingmurdy says:

    at least they didn’t hang around too long….unlike the board of fukwits at parkhead..lennon should have been gone in october…but 4 months later he ws still there…and they stumbled into ange….
    hope and pray martindale gets the gig…..please….

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The cheerleaders were given permission to put the boot in weeks ago compare this to the utter shambles that salary presided over and not one word was said against him by all his pals in scotlandsmedia shame.

  • Alex says:

    No one has mentioned Neil Lennon for the ibrox job…..there logo is anyone…everyone…just a thought

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