VAR Has Prised The Can Of Worms Open Exactly As Celtic Were Hoping For.

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Let’s go over a couple of things before anything else.

First, and most notably, VAR’s implementation has not given Celtic a single major call. Every massive decision it has been responsible for has gone against us.

In one high profile incident, the handball at Tynecastle, the technology appears not to have been used at all, although it was implemented specifically to be utilised in exactly those circumstances, and in the most recent instance we have a world first; VAR cameras missing a crucial incident because they weren’t watching the game.

Secondly – and this is worth pointing out – it has taken less than a month for serious, serious questions to be raised in relation to the system, and not about its efficacy but about its operators. Which, to my mind, is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Last night, on Radio Clyde, Mark Wilson got into a debate with the anchor when Gordon Duncan offered up the possibility that there had been a “a mechanical flaw” on Wednesday night. Wilson’s response was to actually laugh.

“That would be unlucky,” he said, with scorn. “Three weeks in and there’s a mechanical flaw. It has never been known throughout the world but here in Scotland.”

The incredulity in his voice has only been matched by that which we all feel this evening, reading again and again the SFA’s incredible statement on this.

But there is a third thing to consider, and it might prove to be the most important of the three. The SFA has gotten itself into a proper state over this latest decision, and in doing so it has expended all the goodwill that it had available to it … and for what? We have won these games, in spite of the controversy that they have generated.

Celtic has not been set back one inch. We’ve got a full-house on the flop and the opposition has already used up the bulk of its chips. We can now force them to go all-in or fold the hand; either way we’ve got them right where we want them.

In Celtic’s comments to a national newspaper last night the club put credibility at the heart of their inquiry into Wednesday’s events. That was clever stuff.

This system depends on the support of the clubs and the fans. Controversies like these, which were precisely what it was designed to avoid, weaken that credibility significantly. In the case of the Jota decision, the SFA’s contention that the camera was looking elsewhere is so rancid that it brings the whole system into disrepute.

Even if that explanation is not cover for something darker, there are now big, big clouds hovering over VAR and those whose job it is to implement it.

Whether by accident or design, it has taken less than a month for the spotlight to face those who we have always wanted it trained on.

The scrutiny these guys are under now is immense, and they have made things worse for themselves – by a considerable degree – with the Jota “explanation.” As my old man said to me, this is an excuse they can only offer once. They can never pull this stroke again.

The last thing they could afford to do was have too many of these major decisions up for debate early on, and they certainly could not afford to have so many of them go against our club without it looking and smelling rotten. Yet this is what they’ve done.

We’re not even a month in and the whole country is talking about it. The technology that was not supposed to come in until after the World Cup will dominate the conversation here in Scotland all the way through that tournament and for the wrong reasons.

But the debate is where Celtic wants it, and it’s being had now on Celtic’s terms. This is the second major decision we have queried and the SFA’s explanation is so ridiculous that the stink is impossible to ignore. They played their cards too early, and it did us no damage whatsoever; indeed, since VAR was implemented we’ve increased our league lead.

We have put the pressure on and now we have to keep it on. Our only goal is to get honesty and fair treatment from officials, and I think Celtic has long suspected that VAR was, in part, the way to get it.

We would have anticipated scandals like this … indeed, we would been hoping for them.

Anything to put the spotlight on officials and their decision making.

Their mistake was to believe that they could carry on as before.

They have, whether they know it or not, played right into our hands.

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  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Can’t believe anyone would actually believe that VAR would change anything in Scotland , we’re now being told that we don’t have enough coverage for whol park and every angle.All it does is make sure if Celtic get the benefit of the doubt the referee will be told to change his decision,as before that couldn’t happen as only the linesman could help now they have there friends watching inside.Rotten to the core

    • FSTB says:

      I agree regards not letting this go .
      Something just doesn’t add up regards what went on on Wednesday night .
      Now that the sfa have issued a statement (of sorts) celtic have to request all recordings ,video and audio during that game .
      We as a club need to be assured that all protocols were followed properly .
      We are not looking for preferential treatment.
      All we are asking is fair treatment without fear or favour

      • Brian Di Placito says:

        One positive about the whole thing is that now the so called honest mistake and incompetence is being beamed throughout the country exposing the corrupt officials running the game up here

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Exactly Charlie!! We need to reform!! Dallas cartel still going and 99 percent of these cretins are orcs thst is a fact! True story in Dalziel park golf club Motherwell on seeing Celti go 2 up!! Against ” der hun”Andrew Dallas put tv off and walked out!! This happened he about 20 at the time but it happend 2006/7 season That is a fact!! But hey it’s ok there bassas are imparcial eh! Pathetic need sorted once and for all!

    • Alan Orderley says:

      Bring in English Referees and kick out these bigoted referee’s all together out of football

  • Bob (original) says:

    The more VAR related controversy this season, the better.

    It means that the pressure will be on the SFA to ensure that the Scottish Referees’ Association improves their members’ performances.

    This season might be a bit of a nightmare, but next season should be better, and the season after.

    There will be always be some questionable decisions – but statisticallly, the overall match decision making should be fairer / more consistent for all SPL clubs.

  • Dinger says:

    As I have said before var video advantage rangers

  • John Copeland says:

    Maxwell and his minions new exactly what they were doing with the introduction of VAR and the timing of it ! 1: Teething problems ,?2: lots of arguments and debate about said VAR ,?.3:A 3-4 week break for World Cup to take people’s mind off the bollox shambles ,? Job done ! The introduction of the technology was intentional timing .When the domestic stuff resumes ,the mistakes and errors will continue ,because our VAR is implemented by the cheapest 3rd rate cameras and officials ! Made in Scotland , by incompetence ……..

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s that ludicrous it’s actually funny. The VAR operator wasn’t even watchin the game. The one thing, one purpose, that justifies his presence up there and he’s no doin it. Ffs, how ridiculous is that !!?

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    The whole Rotten edifice, ie.the refereeing cabal needs pulling down.
    And the SFA.needs a shake up.
    Why did Celtic fc.need to release their statement to a major newspaper first. Print media are old and out of date,as a 71 yr old ,I personally haven’t bought one for years.

  • Steve Bryant says:

    It’s time to ask the big question. Who is in charge of Scottish referees and it’s not nor ever has been Crawford Alan?

  • Martin H. says:

    Sorry James, your website has become a feckin joke, can’t post because of adverts.

  • James murphy says:

    We the Celtic require only fairness not a lot to ask after the cats out of the bag at SFA headqarters

  • Brian says:

    The other decision from Wednesday has managed to get under the radar.handball at ibrox and not even discussed afterwards wich is normal. Scandalous

  • Thomas adams says:

    The “handball “at Govan the other night hit Davies on the face as pundits both on TV and radio verified people are getting whipped up to a frenzy here ,yes there has been a few contentious decisions give it a few month then start the hunt .imagine if we were trailing and not leading .


      No. Nows the time, when we are winning,to go for the jugular.
      Doing it when we lose just sounds like sour grapes and paranoia.

      Get it out in the open and sorted before it affects us.
      Because of Social Media and coverage outside of Scotland questions will be asked.
      It’s no coincidence that EUFA don’t use Scottish Refs in their Competitions anymore-or award hosting their Competitions in Scotland due to the poor standard of refereeing and the absence of VAR.

      The SFA and Referees were against introducing VAR but we’re forced to do so.
      They thought they could control the narrative and continue as usual.
      Unfortunately for them everything is on tape now and questions are asked.
      No more fobbing off. They will be held accountable.

      The Celtic Board are on the case because next year’s league winners will still get automatic spot. Sevco on the other hand, despite their apparent good set of account’s cannot afford to be second and have to play qualifying rounds. They might lose this time.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Hmmm I smell a hun

  • John S says:

    If the claim is ‘incompetence’ then we have to question how VAR officials are selected. The selection/appointment was also incompetent. But not really. The corruption and manipulation was exposed and was seen to be working exactly as intended (there shouldn’t be any intentions). Celtic must complain when they win a match despite such circumstances, otherwise there will be howls of ‘sour grapes’.
    The underlying issue, of course, isn’t VAR per se, but the issues it reveals.

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    There must be some bollockings going on.
    You eejit, how many times do you need to be told. Cameras show up your feelings if you ignore your eyes.

  • Derek Mcwhinnie says:

    VAR putting up a better title fight than sevco

  • Tom Foolery says:

    The Jota incident happened because WE never kicked up a stink about the Abada goal at tynecastle. But everyone seems to have forgotten that incident ever happened.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Exactly Tom!! Another one where no lines shown !! What was the excuse that time?! Oh yeah the broadcaster run out of time!! Utter nonsense! I still main that wee piggy dived at thise oens also contact yes but he threw himself also plus our stonewaller! And not allowing plsy for Ralston either every call has went against us no one else has had this it stinks and we know why!

  • Peterbrady says:

    It is not incompetence it is cheating to aid there brethren they are all indocranated into there staunchness FACT to aid sevco as the dying of everything the hold onto it is 2022 not1690 and everyzombie can see it the end of everything no more ipox no more union no more 6countie province it’s coming to a end

  • Louis McGowan says:

    Sfa say the camera was watching the dugout, what were the other cameras watching, supposed to be 6 cameras used for VAR

  • SSMPM says:

    Another VAR pen for guess who? I still can’t believe my ears at times when I hear some of the excuses or naivety people continue to come up with. As for VAR being the instrument that will change the orange hand’s influence in the Scottish game well that is the daftest rubbish I’ve read in a long time. If you believe that you’re either an idiot or you’re a complete idiot.

  • Katana67 says:

    Predict Tomorrow’s Sunday Mail Headline :-


    Latest Odds :-

    William Hill 6-2

    Ladbrokes 7-1

    Paddy Power 666-1

  • Malcolm McKinlay says:

    In today’s game the name Andrew Dallas appeared to be mentioned, is this the son of the de-frocked referee Hugh Dallas, who was a well know rangers fan, and if so he should not be involved with the SFA.

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