Carter Vickers Has Grown As A Player At Celtic, And Tonight Played In A World Cup.

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When Cameron Carter Vickers moved to Celtic, initially on loan, there was not a lot of fanfare over the signing. In fact, a few Celtic fans I know (and some whose work you’ll have read) weren’t overly impressed by it and thought we’d signed a frequently on loan dud who would be here six months, prove himself inept and move on.

Still more, amongst non-Celtic fans, had written him off. He was just 23. Only the size of the right-to-buy clause that Spurs inserted into the deal suggested that they weren’t quite so sure. He might have been miles from their star-studded first team squad but they knew that they had a player on their hands and one who was worth someone’s money.

Cameron Carter Vickers needed two things that Spurs weren’t going to give him; the support and the time to grow as a footballer, and prove his worth. Players generally can’t do that if they are being shipped out on loan either. He needed to find a permanent home, and at a club which was as committed to him as he was to it.

Celtic paid the big money, and we’ve reaped the big reward. Carter Vickers is worth double what we paid for him, and plenty of previous suitors know it. Sooner or later our resolve will be tested by a bank busting bid. Until then, I love having him in the team.

Because he has grown as a player as we would all have expected him to do. He has won honours, and he has played in the Champions League and now, tonight, he played in a World Cup game. He has become a different footballer than they guy we signed less than a year ago, and whilst he still has some developing to do he’s come on leaps and bounds.

Congratulations to him on his first match in the biggest competition in football. He will, without a doubt, make more appearances on this giant stage, and hopefully many more of them as a Celtic player to boot.

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  • Benjamin says:

    CCV’s inclusion in the starting lineup tonight is an interesting development for the American team. The American broadcast team brought it up and addressed why the change (the player he’s replacing, Walker Zimmerman, has been doing great, so no obvious reason to make a change). The manager felt that CCV’s play with Celtic makes him a perfect fit for tonight’s match. He specifically mentioned that Celtic are often trying to break down teams who put 11 players behind the ball (which Iran is doing tonight against the Americans), and defensively his main responsibility will be protecting against the counter. The last thing that was mentioned was that both CB’s would see a fair amount of the ball further up the pitch, and CCV is very proficient in quickly passing the ball into the final third which is also something he’s asked to do a lot of at Celtic. If you can get a clip of the broadcast, the conversation happened around the 30-33 minute mark of the game.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m watching the game now and he is playing well, USA one up and looking good to progress to the next round. Fingers crossed for CCV.

  • Nick66 says:

    Indeed JG I’m watching the game too,.CCV still showing solid defending.well playeed so far.


    Impressive CV appearance for CCV.
    Strolled it.
    Champions League, World Cup.
    Alas the lure of Duf Utd on a cauld winters evening
    will begin to lose its appeal.
    Hopefully we can keep him another 12/18 months at least.

  • John S says:

    Celtic seem to have quite a few players that would interest other clubs. Everyone loves a tryer. My mother always said I was very trying.

  • SSMPM says:

    He had a great game, solid and reliable, but if that last minute penalty claim had been a ref in a Scottish game, then it would have a penalty with VAR’s agreement no doubt.

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