Celtic Demands Answers After Motherwell Chairman Makes Revealing VAR Admission.

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It’s amazing where new information comes from.

Every single one of us who watched that last night were appalled at the camera angle which was released to justify chopping off Jota’s goal. We all thought that it could not possibly be the best angle from which to show the incident.

Amazingly, when Motherwell’s goal was scrutinised later the published image was clearer, and showed the ubiquitous offside lines. So why, we wondered, wasn’t such a camera angle available to us on the other side of the pitch?

Was the technology really that bad? Was there really not one available?

According to the Motherwell chairman, who spoke about this tonight, there were several other angles that we could have been shown. Why weren’t we? Was the referee given a better angle to look at? Will the better angle ever be publicly made available so that we could get a clear answer once and for all? Will the SFA grant a request on those lines?

“We facilitate the Scottish FA in placing them where they feel is most appropriate,” Burrows said. “There were a few site visits by SFA, and Hawkeye and 18-yard positions were selected in both halves. We even got one upgraded. Both were in operation last night.”

The important fact is now known; the footage has to exist.

It has to have been looked at by the SFA officials who were on duty.

Is there a good reason why that was not released to the press at the time? We are speculating, of course … but does that footage show that it’s a goal? We are fully entitled to pose that question.

What is going on here?

Tonight Celtic has asked that very question.

We know that the biggest problem here is not the technology but those who are charged with operating it. This has ever been our concern, and everything we have seen so far has made that concern more than justified.

Motherwell’s chairman has really put the cat amongst the pigeons tonight in helping to clarify for us what we all suspected; we could have gotten a clearer view of that incident last night than we were given, and the question we all are asking – the fans, the Celtic social media sites and now, finally the club itself – is why we didn’t we?

If it shows that the player was offside then, as the manager says, so be it and that’s what the technology is used for.

If it was used as a fig leaf for – or worse, a justification for – a bad decision then we’re entitled to be very pissed off indeed and to demand that heads roll for that.

Tonight, Celtic has demanded answers to some of the questions we’ve asked in this piece.

The SFA is under real pressure at last … and that is why so many of us wanted this technology in the first place, and it’s why we believe that, ultimately, it will lead to more justice in the game.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol oh I can see another Jim Farry scenario exploding here,should anything come out of this there must be some serious brown stuff running down the inside of their legs just now.Because now things are starting to get highlighed and picked up with another clubs chairman,people will sitting tonight fearing a big chap at the door,and it won’t be a guy 6ft 5.

  • Charliebhoy says:

    The chance Motherwell created in the first 3 minutes was more offside than Jota and the same linesman never put his flag up, work it out.

  • Dinger says:

    I will say this again v a r video advantage rangers

  • Peterbrady says:

    The question all fans of all clubs want to know when will sevco die and disappear permanent

  • Jimmy says:

    Corruption that’s what it is

  • Martin H. says:

    Var, a camera from other end of the pitch, scandalous.There must be footage from both ends of the pitch, what are these gangsters hiding?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Good our board are at last showin some interest. As long as they are really serious about it and aren’t doin it, like a token gesture tae appease our support. Get right after it and let them (the sfa) know, any further ‘teething problems’ that border on the ridiculous, will be rigorously investigated as well.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    It was the same at that midden in Edinburgh where Abada was on and again never shown 3 dodgy penalties against and one stone waller denied!! 2 red cards ignored at least! Var will prove the bais is as we have known all our lives is very much Real! These bigots need sacked!! And reform needed far too many them are openly fans or deadco and no doubt they now support the new club, sort this Celtic no more of this shit a real investigation needs to happen we are refereed different to every club and der hun is given what no other club every has!

  • Mark Ryan says:

    This is the reason I wanted var. For the first time ever the blatant cheating can be officially exposed. I just hope Michael Nicholson does what Fergus would have, and see this through. It’s unbelievable that despite modern technology, the corruption still continues. Can we begin to imagine what Celtic has had to endure the last 100 years? Only in Scotland eh.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Good to see Celtic making waves, it might get no answers, but it will be a warning shot across the bows for them attempting to continue with this skulduggery.

  • anthony keicher says:

    and they all say we celtic supporters are paranoid

  • Michael McCann says:

    The Celtic manager and the team are doing a magnificant job as they top the table. To lead in such circumstances is very impressive, given the fact that our players are constantly physically assaulted while playing each and every game. The team, club and fans are cheated each and every game, what is the Celtic board doing about this? Is this acceptable? The Board urgently need to step up and take what ever action it can.

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