Celtic Fans Aghast At Maxwell’s “VAR Doing What It’s Supposed To Do” Boast.

Image for Celtic Fans Aghast At Maxwell’s “VAR Doing What It’s Supposed To Do” Boast.

Celtic fans online are absolutely aghast tonight at Ian Maxwell’s ridiculous boast that VAR is not only working but “doing what it’s supposed to do.”

For many of our fans, that’s the problem neatly summed up.

VAR, giving every decision against us – every decision; not one major call has gone our way – in every game; the system working exactly as it’s meant to.

Maxwell and his defenders will claim that’s not what he meant; indeed, I’m sure it’s not, but when we’re involved in a controversy every week those comments stink.

“What we are actually finding is that we are spending more time talking about less wrong decisions than we had before VAR,” he said, and I challenge you to put that through Google Translate into as many different languages as you can and I bet you still don’t find one where that sentence makes even a tiny bit of sense.

What a great spokesman for the association he is.

It’s not like polished communication skills are part of a high profile job like that, is it?

“I understand that it’s been a high-profile introduction and it was always going to take time to settle in, as it has in every country it’s been implemented in. The challenges we are facing are no different to anybody else,” he said, a claim which Ange Postecoglou has already dismissed as ridiculous.

When almost every country has this thing, where’s the need for a settling in period?

The officials who work on it are either trained to the right standard or they aren’t.

He then stated that fans aren’t unhappy with the decisions overall.

“”I would disagree that they [fans] don’t think it’s working. I’d say they have issues potentially with the time it takes, potentially with the communication opportunities we’ve got within inside the stadiums – and those are challenges we need to face.”

None of those things concern the Celtic fans half as much as the shocking nature of some of the calls that have gone against our club since this technology was implemented and left in the hands of the people we already don’t trust in the slightest.

We were lied to over the Jota decision at Motherwell, blatantly and obviously lied to.

The system is being used against us.

VAR doing what it’s supposed to do, eah?

Yeah, that’s what we’re afraid of.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    As proved by some early e-mails Maxwell sent out, he has a very limited understanding of grammar and the English language, so for him to make a statement that makes no sense is par for the course. He must have gone to the same school as S.Thomas (aka Sean) who posts on here.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    As I said from start. Keep a record (video) of every decision in Celtic games. When you have 20 ( which we can’t be far off now), send to uefa. Explain that we’re being refereed to a different standard from every other league under their auspices. Then ask them what they’re going to do about it. HH

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Received the ball in a offside position ? . If a celtic official or player had made that statement the sevco media shame would have had a field day but then again our own board are also badly at fault. Now that we have another magic hat at the forces of darkness more glaring errors will happen. Corrupt to the core.

  • BhilltheTim says:

    I’d agree that VAR is proving very useful. It’s providing definitive proof of the appalling standard of refereeing in this country.

  • FSTB says:

    If you get a chance .Listen to the bbc iplayer podcast with Kenny Clarke as he said pretty much the same thing .
    It,s working the way WE want it too.
    When I heard it ,right away I thought it was a strange thing to say .

  • Robert Flynn says:

    One rule for them and another for the rest not just the teams to beat but referee and linesman now ver as well Hail Hail

  • John Copeland says:

    Sounds like the head bummer has been out in the Qatar sun too long ,his brain has got a tan ! We in Scotland have got the 50 bob version of VAR .All other nations in Europe have the brand spanking new ,farm fresh ,top of the range technology ! We as usual get every body else’s old model …..How do you get the correct decision ‘s if you don’t have the proper job tools ……..

  • Thomas says:

    And they call us paranoid!!!

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