Celtic In Madrid, Media Lies And Exaggerations … And Great Ambassadors On Tour.

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Imagine my surprise to read a fevered media report of a single incident on a train, accompanied by the obligatory picture of our supporters. Not that the story itself stands up; there is footage shot at the scene showing cops pulling people doing nothing wrong at all.

This one stinks of the media playing games. Have they seen the video footage of fans remonstrating with police and put their own spin on it? I would not be in the least bit surprised.

I’m in a Madrid bar as I write this, and I’ve been here since early afternoon yesterday, travelling with a group of friends and meeting up with some others in the city. From 6am yesterday I’ve been mixing with Celtic fans through Edinburgh, Paris and now here and the mood has been absolutely brilliant throughout.

The atmosphere in the city centre is magical and I do not use that word lightly. The locals have been fantastic, especially the Real fans we’ve met – although we’ve advertised our preference for Barcelona at various points haha – and the place itself is phenomenal, beautiful and impressive. There are police hovering around the areas where the fans congregate most – the Irish bars and the little side-streets where you find the bhoys and ghirls in large numbers – but I’ve yet to see an arrest and frankly I don’t expect to. This travelling support is awesome.

Yet “Football Scotland” – better known as The Daily Record Site B – has its little story and that will be amplified a thousand times.

Their “news” that Real Madrid have classified this as a high—risk game isn’t even slightly surprising; any game where many thousands of away supporters, many without tickets, are congregating on a city for half a week clearly brings with it an elevated level of risk … it does not mean, and never has it meant, that they are expecting riots.

There are police going up and down the side streets, so their presence is being felt, but the truth is, they have nothing to do except look on as our fans party. There is an over-abundance of caution I think, more than anything.

Tonight Madrid is a Celtic fan city, and everyone here is having a great time. Local shops, pubs and restaurants are full and our supporters are boisterous and in good voice but the mood is jolly and jovial and friendly. These fans are making the occasion, which was already going to be special.

But “fans behave brilliantly and bring credit to Scotland” isn’t a story … although it ought to be. Ignore the medias pitiful shit-stirring. This is a fantastic fan-base and we are having an absolute ball over here and leaving warm memories of our presence.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Celts would have to lose THIRTEEN- 0 tomorrow to equal the world record holders. HH

    • Roonsa says:

      Celtic can’t equal anything. We have 2 points. So unless Celtic were awared -2 points for losing 13-0, we have no chance of being the worst in history.

  • Katana67 says:

    Jings!! Crivvens!! Help M’Boab!!

    Sevco Flegg-Sheggers 1 Amsterdam Huns 3

    Oor Kenny Miller : “Clearly, SuperGalactico Bassey wiz the difference ‘tween the Twa Sides….”

    Michael [ Nae-EBT!!] Stewart : “Questions must be asked of UEFA……

    Why wiz there nae dutiful Sooth Lanarkshire MIB oan’ VAR duties
    the night….????

    Buddies, Kin-Ye-Spare-Us-A-Dime ??

    Comb-Over Ally : ” Por Cierto, Michael………!!!!

    Whit’s the Bonkle Dallas Dae’in in Basle..????

    Anyways….Mind yon dae we won the Petrofact Cup….

    Oor Foist-Eva Trophy….!!!!

    Still gies me thae Goose Nipples ”

    [Jackson-in-Da-Box ] : “See yon Giant Squirrel o’er there……

    Cheat’in Kyogo n’ Cheat’in Hatate DRAPPED…

    Fae Emperor Hirohito’s World Cup Squaaad..!!”

    KevJ : “Six-In-A-Row Champion-es League Defeats….Yaassss!!!! ”


    ( Ah’m awa’ o’er tae cjnovo992 YouTube Channel…..

    Tae Commiserate wi’ the Hurtin’ Bearrzz……………!! )

  • Martin says:

    Have a blast james

  • Peterbrady says:

    On Tuesday night the filth were fighting Ajax fans all over the city centre but you will not read this or reported in the media dirty disgusting corrupt scum they are worse than all the zombie’s

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    Get back from Madrid and in front of your computer James!!
    I want an in depth piece on that muppet from Stirling Uni and his Tolkien tome on why he thinks the rangers never died.
    Crack on son!

  • SSMPM says:

    They were liquidated in 2012 and they all knew it, admitted it, printed it, KNOW IT. Time has healed nothing. You can’t heal the deid. When you’re deid you’re deid.

  • Katana67 says:

    Roonsa says ;

    Can we have that in English, please ?

    November 2, 2022


    Most Soitenly, Palomino….!!

    Would that be the ‘ Queen’s English ‘….
    Or the new ‘hard-scrabble’ Charles lll variety ??


    Remember, Charles has yet to be crowned as the next monarch….

    Before he could be considered to be worthy ruler of these ‘Sceptred Isles’ (and the Cayman Islands )

    He must undergo extensive neurological and psychiatric evaluation…

    He has a lot of RED! RED! Fleggs….

    Exhibit 1:-

    He was always a ‘clumsy ‘ child…

    Exhibit 2 :-

    He has fallen off his polo-horses onto his head, way too many times….

    May have underlying brain trauma, similar to that sustained by some of our retired footballers of yesteryear, or unlucky ‘bomb-disposal’ experts….??

    Exhibit 3 :-

    He talks to his trees and plants….

    Exhibit 5 :-

    Reported to have had a fantasy about becoming a feminine sanitary product..!?

    Not a thought that ever crossed the mind of Robert The Bruce….

    Exhibit 6 :-

    Has his personal staff boil three eggs for his breakfast….
    And selects only the one that has been boiled ‘to His Satisfaction…

    Criminal waste of food resources…..
    Spare eggs could have been donated to Food-Banks ?

    One might also speculate that his ‘fetishism for de-capitating three innocent eggs..
    Reveals an underlying desire to re-introduce Capital Punishment for the minions…..?

    Exhibit 7 :-

    He’s BMF of WEF’s Klaus Schwab, and Creepy Bill Gates…

    Rumoured to have once dated Ghislaine Maxwell, in his Oxford days…????

    Exhibit 8 :-

    Fancies himself as an artist of landscape painting…
    His efforts suck….even compared to Adolf Hitler’s..!

    Exhibit 9 :-

    His late father, Phillip of Ayia Napa Kebabs Ltd….
    Once revealed a desire to come back in the afterlife as a fatal virus….
    To depopulate Kirkintilloch [ K67…..It was actually the World !!……..Ed]

    Is that an inheritable trait…..??

    Exhibit :- Ten

    Charles’ infamous ‘Black- Spider’ memos, to various British Institutions, and Government Ministers…

    Is this ‘ Automatic Writing…..?

    Is he sometimes possessed by a ‘mischievous entity’…?

    He should be advised to bathe daily in Lourdes Water, for a month..

    To see if that blocks the influence of said entity…

    Summary :- If Charles is found unworthy to be crowned as the next Monarch…

    He shall henceforth be confined to the Tower of London, with Meghan Markle as
    Prison Visitor…..

    With the Proviso that he can spend holidays in Carstairs….
    To ‘Take the Air ‘, and proudly wear Kilts of his late Grandmother’s Tartan…


  • Katana67 says:

    Roonsa says :-

    Can we have that in ENGLISH, please..

    Nov 2, 2022 at 12:13pm


    As I expected, Follow-Follow was missing one of its (many) Brain-Donors !!

  • Katana67 says:

    Suspected…! (Damn Google Auto-Correct)

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