Celtic Is In Command Of This Title Race, And No Amount Of Souness Spin Will Change That.

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The TalkSport rent-a-quote is in the papers again today, as though he hasn’t embarrassed himself enough in recent weeks, talking about how the Ibrox club still has a shot at winning the title.

Does he want a prize for this insight or what? No less a guy than Ange Postecoglou himself says exactly the same thing, so what is with all the publicity for these comments?

It’s all designed to give the Ibrox club a lift of course.

But let’s face it, that’s about all that it can do. It cannot change the league table, it cannot make them a better team … but more important than that, more important than anything, is that it can’t make us a lesser one.

Souness has urged their club not to give up.

They won’t. They shouldn’t.

I’d be furious if we did in their position. Yet what’s the reality here? As one of their fans pointed out online recently, they could win every single one of their games in the league and we would still have a chance to win the title ourselves. They could beat us in all three games against them but if we keep on winning we’ll be there right until the end to win it on goals.

The lead is no insurmountable. We’re nowhere near the summit here, not even close. But that’s the point people at Celtic have been making over and over again, all the way through the campaign thus far.

That nine point lead does not in itself guarantee anything.

We have to keep on doing the job, we have to keep on treating every single match as if it was a do-or-die game, and if we do that then there’s no way that their club can close that gap. Most people will expect us to win at Celtic Park. If we go to Ibrox and draw even one of the two matches there then the nine point lead stays as it is.

In the meantime, they need to win every game.

Do they look even remotely like a team capable of that? Their confidence has been shattered in this campaign. They look bereft of confidence, even as we continue to show that we have supernatural levels of it.

The most amazing thing about these daft comments is that they come with backing for the manager.

That makes it sound less like a spontaneous assessment of their chances than a piece of pro-board spinning. The decision to leave him in post has infuriated fans who probably thought that they were beyond being shocked by what their club does.

All this does is increase our level of amusement.

None of it alters a thing that happens on the pitch. Keep on believing is an essential mantra for any club chasing a title, because if you give up hope then you’ve got none. But hope itself doesn’t put points on the board.

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  • Michael McCann says:

    I agree in everything you say James. However, you forget we are up against an institution that want to see us defeated. I am speaking about the Scottish referees. Unless the Celtic Board tackles this head on we will be holding our breath every game we play. Remember we are only half way through the league and a lot can go wrong. The last four games is an example of that

  • John Copeland says:

    If Souness thinks for 1 nanosecond that Ange will allow Celtic FC to take our eyes off the ball ,or foot off the accelerator, then he’s been drinking the wrong Ayahuasca! After the break ,he will get the true meaning of men against boys ……..I hope he was wearing tight snuggies….!

  • harold shand says:

    We’re 9 points clear for at least another month , so I fully expect to see more of this kind of stuff in the next few weeks .

    It’s really just a case of who gets wheeled out

    Gough , Peter Huistra , Graham Roberts , Durrant etc etc

  • Bob (original) says:

    Souness – the dinosaur – talking up his chances of another [allegedly]

    cash in hand appearance at the Louden Tavern?

    He was undoubtedly a world class, tough midfielder in his day. No question.

    As a media contributor though, he’s about 15 years past his sell by date.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Who’s the next bigot dinasaur drag out his hole to appease the zombies scum I heard bigot broadfoot onradio shortbread spewiing his bile on VAR it’s unbelievable even auld sheep shagger miller tore him a new one

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