Celtic’s Rivals Just Cannot Stop Themselves From Inflating Fan Expectations.

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Whenever a club hires a new manager there is a blaze of publicity, and lots of big talking. Usually from those on the periphery of the club who are free to say whatever it is that they want, so long as they don’t contradict the direct statements of the new guy in charge.

I remember when we hired Martin O’Neill. There was no bombast, just a simple promise to the fans, made on the steps of Celtic Park as he addressed them, “I promise to do everything I can to bring some success back to the football club,” he said.

There was no bombast or explosion of ego from Brendan Rodgers, although he was a guy who was paraded in front of thousands of supporters and is almost wholly consumed by ego and bombast. Yet there was none of it, just a simple expression of his intent to do as Martin O’Neill had vowed to. Ange himself was entirely ego free.

Not so with Ibrox appointments, and especially not the latest one.

The sound of drums loudly banging is all you can hear over there. They are doing what they always do at a time like this; over-indulging in the supremacy, overegging it when it comes to promising the fans a return to the glory days. Only fools behave like this.

Already the pressure being heaped onto their management team is enormous. Already the pressure they are putting themselves under is enormous. He’s talking about “taking the handbrake off” as if their squad has not been trying to beat teams … he talks about playing a certain style of football, as if he and Gerrard didn’t have opportunities to do that before.

The worst mistake this guy is making is in allowing people around him to talk big about mounting a challenge this season. He himself has already stumbled into the same trap. And Ibrox’s fans believe every bit of this of course, because it feeds into the idea that we’re actually a bad team who will topple when we’re given a hard shove.

This guy is just in the door and he’s digging his own football grave.

It is remarkable how often they do that over there. It is remarkable how little they learn.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    I see the daily ranger is saying that Australian press is reporting that organisers are looking for money from sevvies for breach of contract. Why can’t their chief football correspondent lift the phone and ask the question himself? HH

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Couldnae help himself even before he got the ibrox job, sayin Ange wouldn’t have won the league if him and Gerrard were still there, so he’s already made his bed. Now, as ye could put yer hoose on happenin, the over excited, pro ibrox media, are makin all sorts of comparisons and predictions. And as usual, its all ‘according to this yin or that yin’ of course. Every single manager it happens. We’ll soon see, time’ll tell.

  • SSMPM says:

    Does this mean the public should expect more masturbating fans outside the midden. The pictures don’t lie, filthy scum hun.

  • biffo67 says:

    First they tried Green, then Whyte, now it’s Mick. If it doesn’t work out they might look for someone called Bishop or Pope. HH

  • Bottle Green says:

    If Sevco didn’t brag about how absolutely amazing they were and how wonderful things are going to be in some far off future – they would have nothing absolutely NOTHING to declare.
    They are an abysmal failure of a football club with nothing to show for their tern years of existence other than two cups that they funded using loans, hand-outs and share-issue trickery.
    They are like little children screaming to get attention otherwise no one would know they even existed.
    So predictable, so boring and so sad.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    The FILTH will NEVER declare the state they’re in or they’d be back tae crowds ae 4k fae the early 80’s when Greig wiz Manager! Sadly thru their CORRUPT 9iar & EBT Yrs & the Covid Yr they still have the Knuckodraggaz onside!! It’s their state of entitlement that KILLS them, us passing their Fictitious ’55’ & their Cumulative Trophy Haul which exists ONLY in their THICK SKULLS will Fukin KILL THEM! That day is near & I myself CANNOT FUKIN WAIT!!

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