Dodgy Dave Still Determined To Cause Trouble At Ibrox, And Some Hacks Are Helping Him.

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Chris Jack spoke to an Ibrox fan podcast the other day – he might as well, as he writes for a newspaper which allows him more or less to act as if he’s a blogger or a writer for a fanzine – in which he made the following, extraordinary, claim, on Dave King.

“What I would say on Dave is that he is very aware of what is going on at the club … he may not be on the board or a director anymore, but he is still aware of the squad, the manager, what’s going on behind-the-scenes and at boardroom level. If Dave King had still been (there) then Steven Gerrard would not have left the football club, that’s a fairly straightforward one.”

We have a word for that, on this side of the city, and that word is “lie.” That’s what that is. Either a colossal misunderstanding of the situation at Ibrox and that with Gerrard or a barefaced lie, and I don’t think he’s misunderstood it.

If it’s a barefaced lie I know who it came from, and Chris Jack has allowed himself to be used as a conduit for misinformation, as if King has a hand up his arse.

I know for a fact that the central claim isn’t true. I speak to people all over the football blogosphere and I know folk who have a clear insight into Gerrard’s reasons for leaving Ibrox and they have very little to do with who was on the board.

I think, in fact, that I can say with some confidence that Gerrard was out of patience with certain elements of the Ibrox operation, and that had been going back to when King was there. He could not wait to get out the door. It was a lot like the Rodgers situation in some ways. This was a guy who would have left eventually anyway, but was eyeing the exit door much sooner because there were aspects of the job and the club he just didn’t like.

King has spent long enough in Glasgow, though, to know who the Useful Idiots are, and he’s taken full advantage of one of them here, to get across his story. It’s astonishing that it hasn’t even dawned on Jack to wonder if he’s being grafted but the bigger story, even more than Jack, is that this is King still on the offensive against the board there.

That AGM will be a test of the board in that they will have to field several questions from King’s acolytes. See, as I said last night there’s really nothing the fans can do if they don’t like the current direction of the club, but those who believe that King is some sort of white knight can certainly make plenty of noise on his behalf, and he will encourage that.

In fact, he does nothing but encourage that. Regardless of what the situation elsewhere at Ibrox is, regardless of the reasons Gerrard or others have left, there is zero doubt that the relationship between King and that board broke down completely at some point and that there is no discernible way back for them. These people are enemies now.

I really don’t know what it is that King wants to achieve. He seems to be an angry man, one determined, perhaps, to pull down the whole board … but to what end? This guy might have been granted “fit and proper” status last time he breezed into Scotland but there is no chance whatsoever of the SFA allowing him back to a role with the Black Spot of the City of London takeover panel on his record, and the allegations that he lied to them.

But he’s not going away, and for a board under pressure that is a disaster. On their own the Ibrox fans cannot force these people to do anything … but with someone like King egging them on there is no saying what they might do.

That’s a subject I’ll be returning to later tonight.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    When will sevco die permanent when will the pox be demolished this is what all the fans and all the support of all the club’s bar one want

  • Seppington says:

    Chris Jack a “useful idiot”? No no James you understate it. Jack is their “useful idiot par excellence” and always will be. As you say it doesn’t dawn on Jack that he could be used and that’s because he’s always too dazzled by whatever rrrrrreal Rrrrrrrra(Sevco)ngers man he’s interviewing and the shine off their brown brogues. Jack becomes naught but a drooling fanboy whenever either of his favoured Ayebrokes outfits are mentioned. Has he ever written about anything in his column other than them?

    He probably plays the national anthem when he’s turning off the tv, the twat…anyway…

    I’d love to know King’s end goal here? Surely he doesn’t want to return? Am I wrong in thinking that if he did return no UK company would be allowed to do business with Sevco lest they be adorned with the “black spot” also? Is it just to try and pressure one of the fools to buy his shares? I’m surprised he hasn’t sold them to thon yank asset stripper that’s apparently been circling…or maybe she’s waiting for the wounded animal to shake off it’s mortal coil before feasting upon the carrion? If she does she’ll find the carcass was rancid long before it died….

  • John Copeland says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong ,but during administration/liquidation were the assets not sold for £5.5 million ? The stadium the training ground ,Alfoodo’s pie stands ,etc ! The steel girders holding up the stadium ,melted down must be worth £30 million alone ! Maybe that’s what the Lying King wants his rotten , unscrupulous ,hands on ? By hook or by crook ……….

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