Ewan Cameron Is Talking Garbage About Celtic Fans And Paranoia.

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Earlier today, I wrote a piece on the Celtic By Numbers article which asks the deadly question about whether or not the SFA is lying to Celtic about the Jota decision. Alan Morrison, who runs that site, is not prone to exaggeration or hysteria. He cannot be called a conspiracy theorist by anyone credible because he is, himself, an extremely credible writer.

This evening Vital Celtic published a transcript of Ewan Cameron banging about all the usual rubbish about Celtic fans and conspiracy theories.

He creates a straw man argument that we’re concerned only with a handful of decisions which have seen penalties awarded against us, and uses that as his refutation. But as the Vital article points out, he’s wrong in at least one of these cases and they take no account of decisions we didn’t get for similar incidents or the Jota offside itself.

Cameron is not a friend of this club; indeed this blog has branded him a gutless wonder for some of his prior commentary, including an unhinged attack on John Hartson and comments he has made in previous years for which he’s been challenged to put up or shut up.

He is talking through his backside here, as ever. To accuse Celtic fans of paranoia, when we can see clearly what’s right in front of our faces, is the type of gutter tactic associated with him. His facts are selective, and he still gets them wrong. His comments are misleading. Overall, he brings himself no credit, but then this assumes he has any to start with.

His final point, that there are bad decisions elsewhere, is equally disingenuous and nonsensical in the context of what we’re talking about here. Since VAR was introduced in Scotland every major talking point has been a decision – a wrong decision – against our club. Every major talking point, and there is one in every single match.

If he can tell me which other club in the country has suffered so consistently, with so many bad decisions in such a short space of time, I’ll tell you what; I’ll donate £100 to the charity of his choice. But he won’t, because I’ve challenged him on that basis before and he’s a bottle merchant who didn’t even respond. I still say he owes Cancer Scotland £50.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Camerons an ODIOUS LITTLE PRIK!! A Kiddy on Farts Fan who we kno 100% slebbers over the FILTH! Little Wanker actually thinks he’s Funny but it’s us that Laff ever time we see the wee Diks Well Spanked Coupon!!

  • John S says:

    If a boy gets bullied every day, is it paranoia to be wary of the bully ?

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you

  • Mick Hamill says:

    The guys a gutless rat clutching at the idea off a dead club still operating in the SPFL. This club has no substance as it was LIQUIDATED and ENDED in 2012. That said club Rangers FC PLC expired and the New club owned by Sevconians Scotland is called The Rangers FC LIMITED. NEW venture est 2012 and therefore its history only dates back to date club was established 2012. I’m glad off VARin a way. This gives Celtic very important video evidence to present to UEFA. PROOF off the match fixing attempts by corrupt officials and there SFA puppet masters who put them in place. Personally I think the guys on CRACK or something with some off the deluded rubbish he spouts out. Feel sorry for him clinging onto the IDEA OFF THE DEAD CLUB RANGERS.

  • FSTB says:

    Next time Cameron is at Tyncastle (stop laughing at the back) he might bump into Jambos ex manager Craig Levien who might be able to put him right regards teams from Ibrokes having friends in black .
    Levien of course received a then record fine of £5000 for telling tv viewers a few home truths when his , then team Dundee Utd were on the receiving end of the most ,in your face example of honest mistakes in a single Scottish match .
    The old dead club were in desperate need of 3 pts that day and McCurry made sure they got them .

  • Tony B says:

    A chanty wrassler shitebag of the first order. Cameron is obsessed with all things Celtic especially Tims wearing the hoops at golf tournaments etc., and it’s all down to envy, which is eating away at him.

    He is the worst kind of Fearts supporter; a hun without the fare.

    Usually best ignored except when he attacks us or the club, in which case this hypocrite is fair game.

    What a FANNY!

  • Roonsa says:

    I hereby challenge Ewan Cameron to a fight. I bet he won’t respond because he is a shitebag. I’d kick his fucking head in.

  • Peterbrady says:

    If the rat Cameron says one more derogatory remark against Celtic the players the management or the support I swear he will be getting a lead implant behind the ear

  • SSMPM says:

    Just another unionist liar, masking the truth with an utter shite and thinking he’s an intelligent debater.
    Off the topic – how is it possible for a football club to be allowed to have singing of political songs, GOSQ(K) that has a verse about slaying Scots, songs about murdering Catholics and the Irish, fire a cannon on-field at matches to support warring British soldiers with jingoistic songs and go unpunished by EUFA yet a rat-a-tat banner saying they don’t support the crown gets fined. EUFA?

  • Denis Burns says:

    They want Celtic to accept injustice quietly and to walk away cap in hand. They are the same people who splash the headlines when there is a seeming injustice to the blue Klan. Twice a season, maybe, something will go against the Mob and they will say this proves their is no bias. What a bunch of eejits. The SFA are conflicted, the Referees are conflicted, many with strong connections to the Tribute Act, and the Press is conflicted. Just because you know they are all agin’ you, doesn’t make you’re paranoid -it means you can see the blindingly obvious –hmmm! Like a handball at Tynecastle for example. Keep complaining or the Biassed Ba*****s have won.

  • Malc says:

    I still dunno why you give these people airtime. Until now. Now my adblocker is no longer working, it is impossible to scroll to the comments – endless stream of ads, so it’s pretty much any excuse to post anything that’ll bring the clicks in about. Clickbait website in the extreme.

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