Ex-Celt Represents His Country, And Family Name, With A World Cup Finals Goal.

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Timothy Weah will not be one of those names that will resonate throughout our history, but he was a good Celtic servant, albiet a brief one, and he helped us get a title over the line. That’s a big deal. That’s important. That’s a part of our club and a big part, as he contributed to the Quadruple Treble. That will not, it will never, be forgotten.

Timothy went to France, where he still plays. He represents the United States in international football, and tonight he went head to head with Wales and scored the type of goal we all remember him for. An excellent technical footballer, he produced an excellent technical finish.

Unfortunately for him, it was not to be enough to win his team the three points. The Welsh were the better team in the second half and got a well deserved equaliser through a Gareth Bale penalty. But Weah did his country proud. And he did his family name proud.

One of the things the commentators said was that his father, the magnificent George Weah, is one of the best players never to have played in a World Cup. What a remarkable piece of intelligence that was. One of the finest players we’ve ever watched never got to a World Cup Finals? That’s almost too bizarre to be true, and yet it undoubtedly is.

Well, tonight his son did play at World Cup and he scored a goal. Timothy didn’t just represent us (in a sort of way), but his country and his family name. His dad has one legacy, the son is now putting the first touches to his. He’s only a young guy – he was at Parkhead when still just a highly rated teen, don’t forget – and is still only 22.

He has a Scottish league and cup double to his name. He has a CONCACAF runners up medal. Now he’s starring on the biggest international stage of all. We all wish the boy nothing but the best of everything. He was at Parkhead at brief time sure, but he’s one of us and tonight he did America, Celtic and his famous father proud.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Last two players to score vs Wales in the World Cup:

    1) Timothy Weah
    2) Pele

  • Johnny Green says:

    Tim was with Celtic briefly, he made an impression while with us, but that is as far as it goes. His goal against Wales means nothing to me and makes no positive impact on his previous ties with Celtic in my opinion.

  • harold shand says:

    Ex Celt scores a great goal in the World Cup against Wales nothing about it

    Ex Hun scores a penalty in a friendly tournament , 3 days of headlines

  • Eldraco says:

    Excercise. How many ex and current Celts are playing in this world cup.

    How many sevco ?

  • Henry McDade says:

    He was never given a proper chance at Celtic – the manager preferred Oliver Burke who can’t actually play football.

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