For His Own Good, Leigh Griffiths Should Not Return To Celtic Park As A Player.

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Leigh Griffiths being linked with a move to Morton, at just the moment we draw them in the Scottish Cup, has an odd kind of cosmic logic to it. It would give the game extra juice, that’s for damned sure, and the press would have a field day with their “you just know what’s in the script” nonsense, in the hope that he produced something and knocked us out.

Actually, most of us do know what’s in the script and that’s the real reason I would hope that this never, ever happens. It would be a bad day all round.

For openers, Griffiths will get booed by a section of our support, and perhaps a big section at that. I can’t blame them for doing it, but I wouldn’t join them. Because the guy does not deserve that, not to return to the club where he was a hero and face that kind of reception. He was an idiot, a complete clown, but let he without sin cast the first stone and all that.

Worse, to me, by far, than the booing would be the irrefutable proof of the sheer waste of the player who might have been. For him to return to Celtic with a lower-league team in what should be some of the best years of a glittering career would be awful to see, especially if it was the Griffiths who has made several attempts at a comeback, none of them good, none of them even remotely close to what you might call successful.

Leigh Griffiths scored twice against England, for God’s sake, and it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago either. He scored over a hundred goals for this club. In 2015-16 he scored 40 goals in just over 50 games, an astonishing accomplishment which we would have been devastated to learn would be the high point, and one he’d never get near again.

That was under Ronny Deila, the first of three Celtic managers to warn him that he had to apply himself better off the pitch and work harder or see the best years of his career pissed away. Brendan Rodgers was to offer similar advice, and so was Neil Lennon. Two national coaches said exactly the same, Gordon Strachan and Steve Clarke.

An out of shape has-been, huffing and puffing his way around the turf on which he once strolled like a king … that would be almost an obscenity, something truly shocking, unacceptable, something that should never be and which I hope never to see.

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  • Geoff says:

    Absolutely ridiculous post.
    Leave him alone.
    Is sport the only profession where you are not allowed to make mistakes?
    We have convcited criminals who served time in jail currently sitting in the Lords.
    You are a disgrace for this post.


      Read the post again without the blinkers on. James has said he will not join in with the the BOOING that is GUARANTEED to assail Leigh from exactly the type of fan that you are accusing James of being.

  • Raymond oneill says:

    Nonsense the wee man deserves a comeback and to play against celtic at parkhesd would be a boost for him lots of Celtic players have done worse in the past let him play

  • Poort says:

    I read most of your stuff James and never comment. But this I wholeheartedly agree with,

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    The decision should be left with LG himself. Aye he was his own worst enemy, tho there’s individuals guilty of far worse involved in the Scottish game, past and present, who’re bein held up as role models i.e. gascgoine, martindale tae name a couple. Personally don’t have a problem with him comin tae Celtic Park and anybody who wants tae boo him, should remember the good times he brought tae the club as well.

  • Roonsa says:

    Who is anyone to be telling Leigh Griffiths what he should and shouldn’t do? He’s a grown man. OK, he doesn’t act like one at times but if he wants to play for Morton against us then good luck to him I say.

  • Zeddy says:

    From the transcripts I read I’m sorry. it appears to me that LG is a man who skilfully spoke to a juvenile, arguably speaking words without speaking the words. If what I read is correct then he was very skillful indeed and I struggle to find sympathy.
    He has continually shown to me that he may not be the brightest bulb in the box, REFUSING to heed advice from anyone. My view is BR sent him packing nothing else. A view reinforced by his speedy return once BR had left the building to his equally uninspiring manager NL.
    I don’t think LG is smart enough or cares enough to begin to understand where he went wrong, because at the time, he just didn’t give a crap. To me he’s insignificant, if people want to boo that’s up to them I understand, if people want to cheer than I suggest they are choosing to ignore his (in my view quite disturbing) digressions.
    There are better standards of professionals who played at Celtic Park that deserve our applause.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Zeddy. Ye should actually take a bit of time tae look intae it properly, if your gonnae out and out condemn somebody. Put a bit of perspective on it. Haven’t seen the footage and doesn’t condone his actions, tho what I hear from anybody who has, the juvenile your talkin about, looked anythin but on the website. He was stupid enough tae get himself caught up in somethin like that and he’s paid the price for it. It doesnt make it right, but he’s no murdered anybody and ahm sure the juvenile wasn’t harmed by it. Its the right example, bein a professional for any club off and on the park, but there’s more often than not, gonnae be the odd exception in one way or another. Celtic rightly got him out, he has tae live with it, so let the guy live his life ffs.

  • Nick66 says:

    Wherever Lee ends up playing I hope he is happy.
    That’s the only thing that matters.

  • Arron Black says:

    Totally agree, he’s been a complete tool off the pitch. He was someone I admired for his goal scoring ability and the fact he got what Celtic is, was and always will be a people’s club. Couldn’t bring myself to boo him he was a triffic servant to the club when his head was focused on football. I for one hope he finds solace in life, after all he’s a human being we are entitled to make an arse of it at times. Hail hail ?

  • Jack says:

    In my opinion, a fit and focused Leigh Griffiths at Celtic would have made Gerrard unlikely to have won his only title during his time at Sevco. Rather sad.

  • Alex says:

    An excellent article and one shared with the majority of our support.

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