Ibrox’s Transfer Market Lack Of Imagination Laid Bare As They Target Kenny McLean.

Image for Ibrox’s Transfer Market Lack Of Imagination Laid Bare As They Target Kenny McLean.

Nothing could give you a better view on where Ibrox’s transfer strategy languishes, and why it will never come up to the level of the one at Celtic, than the news which broke tonight that they want to sign ex-Aberdeen midfielder Kenny McLean on a free contract.

It’s such a low-rent, unimaginative solution, but one that their fans will almost certainly lap up due to his being “one of their own.” Imagination the lack of imagination at that club when this is one of their marquee answers.

I would be aghast if this was us.

McLean is 30 right now. There goes any re-sale value right there.

This is a sticking plaster solution, and their fans had better get good with that because those are the only solutions that club has in its bag. Cheap answers to questions that require big money.

His name comes up every single year. Every one, without fail.

They have made several attempts to sign him already and been rebuffed every time.

If they really are going back to him again its beyond desperation, and I find it hard to believe that this is a “Van Bronckhorst signing.” There is no way that a man in his position would sign off on this.

Look at the range of talents we’ve brought in, and from the places we’ve signed them.

That’s a wide-angle lens transfer policy, scouring the Earth for the best players we can get, and most of them young and capable of growing into not only fantastic footballers but bankable assets.

Yet wasn’t Ross Wilson supposed to be the transfer guru?

This is an example of how limited their thinking is. It’s also an example of how limited their budget is. Imagine the scouting department that must exist over there when this is one of the options.

What a desperate state of affairs, and with this they aim to catch us.

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  • Jim says:

    Lies lies and more lies he”ll never go there

  • Effarr says:

    I think you are going overboard about some of Celtic`s (Angie`s) signings. Think Kenny, Ideguchi, McCarthy, The Irishman at Aberdeen, Ildegaard, and I`m not too sure about Bernabei. I`m sure if Celtic had signed the over 30 Fletcher they would have taken more of their chances and that would have made u for the “resale value”. Old Firm Sevco already have McLean`s brother in the VAR
    box, so why not?

  • Martin says:

    Ideguchi… I’ll judge when he has a few games. Mccarthy and Scales predate Ange and were based on the old signing policy, of which we’re well rid. Kenny was a disaster and still doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Ange’s hit rate is pretty phenomenal though. Hopefully a reliable scorer is the next hit.

    Kenny McLean… Didn’t trouble us at the Don’s, won’t at the zombies. Poor signing for them.

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